World’s Cheapest Flights

World’s Cheapest Flights

Cheapest Flights are the most searched keywords for the travelers who are frequently traveling by airline and who are willing to keep their air-fair within a budget. Some airlines offer very competitive and low fares to the travelers that attract them for searching about world’s cheapest flights before they make any decision about purchasing air tickets. Low cost flights drawback comfort and charge for every “extra” little detail. If you are willing to travel on minimum cost, you can save a few dollars by taking charge of your food and entertainment or even travel on a seat that is not as comfortable and ideal for your trip

Low cost airlines sections

Auckland to Singapur

Jetstar offers the only direct flight of 11 hours and 15 minutes flight between New Zealand and Asia for a price of around $ 280.

Dubai to Yekaterinburg 
The low cost airline in the Middle East, Flydubai has flights from Dubai to Yekaterinburg, Russia that takes just over five hours and costs $ 200.

Dubai to  Belgrade
Flydubai has a flight from Dubai to Belgrade, Serbia for 6 hours. This flight can be from $ 315.

Istanbul to Almaty
Pegasus Airlines has flights from Istanbul, Turkey to Almaty, Kazakhstan for only $ 185 .

Istanbul to Dubai 
Pegasus Airlines and FlyDubai can offer this tour for about $ 135.

New York to Bogota 
Surprisingly Jet Blue flies from New York JFK airport direct to Bogota, Colombia in five hours under $ 200.

New York to London
Norwegian Airlines has this transatlantic flight for less than $ 300 within 6 hours and takes you on a comfortable Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Tokyio to Gold Coast 
Jetstar flies between Tokyo and Coolangata, Australia. The flight takes 9 hours for $ 250.

Sydney to Honolulu 
Jetstar flies the only low cost airline between Sydney and Honolulu . The flight time is 9 hours 45 range from $ 325.

Singapur to Sydney
Singapore Airlines offers its low budget service through Scoot. They fly the route Singapore to Sydney by some $ 190 and it takes  around 7:30 hours.

Kuala Lumpur to Sydney
Air Asia offers to move between Kuala Lumpur and Sydney for just under $ 130. The flight takes eight hours and the price is quite low. Air Asia also offers flights to Perth (5 hours 30), Melbourne (7 hours 50), Gold Coast (8 hours 20) and Adelaide (7 hours 40) in Australia.

Kiev to Dubai 
From Kiev (Ukraine) to Dubai through the airline WizzAir, the most ridiculously cheap for only $50 USD. Time: 5 hours.

Manila to Dubai 
Cebu Pacific flies from Manila (Philippines) to Dubai for prices from $ 225. The flight will take about 9 hours.

Oslo to Bangkok 
Norwegian offers flights from Oslo to Bangkok, Thailand for $ 260. It takes about 10 hours 35 minutes, one of the longest stretches in a low cost airline.

Billund a Tenerife
RyanAir offers a 5 hour flight from Billund, Denmark to the Spanish island of Tenerife for $ 125 .

Boston to San Francisco 
This is the longest of the United States low cost route. A stretch of seven hours operated by Virgin America will cost you around $ 160 traveling with this airline.

Fort Lauderdale to Estocolmo 
Norwegian airline offers flights to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Stockholm, Sweden for only $ 175 and just under 10 hours. Also in a comfortable Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Fort Lauderdale to Lima
Airlines Spirit and Jet Blue fly this route for under $ 200. While Spirit offers cheaper rates glance baggage costs can make it more expensive. Jet Blue offers free package Spirit that take charge for checked baggage and hand. The flight lasts less than 6 hours.

These trips are considered only a portion and although the prices are fairly recent findings but there is no guarantee that these price range will be exactly the same. But getting cheap flights and making your tour within your budget are addressed as a smart and conscious traveler by many travel industry experts. 

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