White House Ban on Taking Pictures by Tourists Lifted after 4 Decades

White House Ban on Taking Pictures by Tourists Lifted after 4 Decades

The White House now ended a long-standing ban on tourists taking photos or using social media during public tours of the building. The White House said the more than 40-year-old ban was lifted because changes in camera technology make it possible to take high-quality photos using less light. Strong light can damage the delicate pigments used in art work. Still on the banned list are video cameras, including action camcorders, cameras with detachable lenses, tablets, tripods, monopods and camera sticks. Flash photography and live-streaming also remain prohibited.                 

     Finally White House now allows tourists who visit to take pictures. However, it doesn’t allow self portrayed  (selfie). The White House, home of the US president Barack Obama, has six floors and 5,100 square meters. Before, there was a notice stating: “No photographs or social networks are allowed”. If you had been on a tour of the White House, you might have probably seen this poster. Now, you have not to see such type of restriction.


                         “Well, not anymore_photography should allow here”, it was the message delivered by the casual first lady Michelle Obama in a video on his Instagram account. The announcement that came as a surprise to the thousands of tourists who plan their visit to the White House. Later, the director of the Office of the White House Visitor, Ellie Schafer, elaborated on the news. He explained that the photographs can be taken throughout the tour, and called on visitors to share their experience in networks by #WhiteHouseTour label -.


                            After more than 40 years,it has been opened for the visitors to take photographs at the White House and from now the most famous presidential residence opens to the world to be portrayed.  This reflects the first lady’s charismatic responsibility for communicating the newness through social networks. But ‘selfie’ is banned at the residence of president Obama. This ‘selfie’ remain banned in the building that serves both residences of US presidential family and the president’s office.        


                            The use of tripods, monopods, tablets, cameras and video cameras with detachable lenses and use of flash to take pictures and the live broadcast on the Internet  is not permitted too. Thus, to photograph inside the White House, visitors must use their mobile phones or cameras whose lens will not exceed 7.62 centimeters long. In responds to the will of Barack and Michelle Obama, bring the presidential residence closer to citizens as much as possible.                 


The White House on the new freedom for visitors.                                      

                             The White House tours are conducted from Tuesday to Saturday and are free. One visitor who recently went to the White House, Michael Labrecque, a citizen of Florida, said he was “delighted” with the new policy said it would take as many photos as he could. His wife and his children of 9 and 11 years were also happy as they could make different pose.                                                                      


                              Another visitor, Lisa Ananager, a citizen of Virginia, also used to take several pictures with his mobile phone from the garden of the presidential residence with the monument to George Washington background, the press service of the White House said. Visitors also took several photos of the two dogs of the presidential family, Bo and Sunny, while the two Portuguese water dogs remained obediently seated as if they were posing knowin                                             

                               The visits to the White House are held from Tuesday to Saturday and are free for everyone. But the application process is different for foreigners from that of US citizens. Americans should make a reservation by contacting the office of the representative of his district in Congress, and they can do that 21 days before the date planned for the visit. Foreigners should contact the embassy in Washington to make the request.

                                 Those who cannot travel to Washington to visit the presidential residence in person, can do virtually from anywhere in the world through 360 cameras of Google Art Project , with whom the White House has an agreement.

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