What are the safest seats in a plane

What are the safest seats in a plane

Statistics show that the rear seats have the highest survival rates

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When we got on a plane many times we wonder: which of those seats will be the safest? According to research compiled by the magazine Timethe safest seats are in the part rear of a plane. The analysis shows that the mortality rate is lower in the rear area of an aircraft (32%) than the middle zone (39%) and front (38%).

These statistics offered by the magazine is based on a study of 17 accidents flights from 1985 to 2000, extracted from the database of Air Accidents Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States.

The analysis further refines the journal and indicates the specific position historically favored. The seats that have the highest mortality rate (44%) are found in the hallway of the middle third of the cabin. And the safest are those of the environment (or window or aisle) in the last third of the aircraft (28%).

Moreover, after the occurrence of the accident, passengers are near an exit are more likely to survive, according to a study published in 2008 by the “University of Greenwich.”

Of course, the chances of dying in a plane crash has less to do with where you sit and with the circumstances of the accident. If the rear of the plane bears the brunt of the impact, passengers are in the front or in the center will be the lucky ones, and are more likely to get out alive. Chance is almost always decisive. Maybe that’s why the FAA and other aviation safety experts say there is no safest seat on the plane.

However, one thing is certain, according to Time magazine, “flying is safer and has become safer in recent decades”. The odds of dying in a car accident along life are one in 112; on a motorbike, 900 … And on a plane, one in 8,000.



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