Ways of Finding Company in Travel

Ways of Finding Company in Travel

If you love to travel in groups, not in single, this is the right guide for finding company in travel that can put you in the right track to contact new friends.

How to start first:

  • Just look for those who have the same interests as you.
  • Share your hobbies and tastes that improve the cohesion of the group.
  • Establish a balance between rest days and long walks.
  • Take care that your team mates have similar budget and plans. 
  • Understand that a group is like a family & there should not be any friction and differences.  

Where to get mates before traveling:

Just read the template to present your call:

Hello, I am Grace.  I have 24 years and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am seeking a group of maximum four girls to travel to India . Here are the data: 

Destination: India. 

Driving time: Approximately four weeks From: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

To: Delhi, India, Routes: Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi.

 Preferred activities:  Visiting temples, traveling by train, going to festivals in Goa & relaxing on the beaches.

Other activities: Refrain people from drugs or alcohol during the trip. Post your add in the forum.

That’s all you need. You will see that by doing it that way, you will get companions immediately. Do it with some anticipation; then share information & plan. Do not forget to return to Mochileros.org which will always help you find the right direction.


How to get companions during the trip:

You will have travel mates if you are on a trip to Machu Picchu or if you do Patagonian route between Chile and Argentina or if you go to Montañita Ecuador or if you travel to Southeast Asian  region entering Thailand .

The following situations will let you find your travel mates:

  • During guided visits to national parks or historic monuments
  • During the stay in hostels where common spaces like bedrooms and kitchens are shared.
  • During the long hours on bus.
  • When the bus is spoiled.
  • In the celebrations and festivals
  • On the beaches
  • Sharing cars to save costs
  • Trying to make money while traveling

travel-relation- beach

There is more than one reason for you to find new travelers on the road.  So don’t worry. When you leave, you will notice that there are more travelers than you thought. Most travelers are very open to meeting new people. You just need to break the ice with them.

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