Visit the international cultural festivals

Visit the international cultural festivals

Festive bears the culture & tradition of a certain locality. It also reflects people’s emotions, delighters and perspectives. Here we present some exclusive international festivals which actually bear the story of a locality, people’s utmost pleasure and way of celebrating occasion and desired lifestyle.

NAVAL BATTLE (Vallecas, Madrid)

Summer has come sharply this year. If temperatures remain unbearable, you should not miss the Naval Battle of Vallecas which is held every year in July. On this day, Vallecas becomes a kind of port and its nautical pound war between cubes, balloons, pistols and other utensils that can be loaded with water. To enjoy this popular tradition just swimwear and a weapon with which to throw water at everyone who is near to you.

Sella (Asturias)

Not suitable for tourists who want to enjoy a quiet environment as this event brings together over a thousand participants with individual canoes and about 100,000 attendees that encourage canoeists culín of cider in hand along the route. In addition, the party continues at night and you can camp in authorized areas for the occasion, so that the housing is no excuse. Of course, if you want to get a good spot to get there early.


In order to give you the taste of a tomato thrower, we want to recommend you to make a visit to Tarazona for being the pioneer in the celebration of this battle to tomatazo clean.

During this festival, the Cipotegato (a doll that shares its name with the celebration) becomes the target of all attendees. This character with a harlequin suit should leave the City to try to escape the Plaza of Spain while the entire city throws tomatoes.

Experts recommend using protective goggles, for example, swimming. This prevents the acid from the tomatoes entering the eyes and prevents to continue to enjoy the event. Do not forget to stop by the foam party! Enough support to remove the bulk of the wreckage.


Certainly a peculiar tradition celebrated since 1994. The natives of Bérchules believed that without sounding bells during the night of December 31 caused suffering the town. Without thinking twice they decided they could not make their year so sad. So they could not stay without bells. They also determined that they would not go without the traditional grapes.

So in the middle of August they placed summery chimes. This year, you do not need to go to Los Angeles to spend New Year with good weather and little clothing.

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