Virtual Travel is Changing the Way of Travel

Virtual Travel is Changing the Way of Travel

Traveling might be the best passion for the Young people of the world. And this has become so common in the youth community that if anyone asks for the hobby of a young man, the first thing that comes out in the mind of a person, is traveling. But hardly people can enjoy their hobby as they have lots more things to do in the life. When their mind says to do one thing but reality of the life drives to let people do another thing. Some young people motivated for travel in my University who are very determined for making trip in all ways of their life, are asked for what might be the best choices that let them live inside their hobby. All of sudden, most of them were trying to say that, “the best would be if they could get paid for traveling

The Factors that work as a wall against your real  traveling Wish

So, cost comes first when they plan for a trip. There are no one in the earth who might not be interested to make a trip whatever it might be a short term, long-term, holiday vacation, winter or summer trip. Beside costs, some other prominent factors that occupies in their mind is, getting a time for their vacation. Well, for someone it might be a lame excuse who might not share the issue of his affordability that are associated in making his dream vacation. But for some people, it is really viral that they might not be able to manage their time for making their trip happen.

And lots of people have other problems and obstacles why they can’t make enough travel in spite of loving a tour. Some people get fear while having a vacation might pay for them in terms of having a chance of missing their valuable belongings and travel might also proves to cost for any unwanted incident that probably anyone of their family, friends or relatives have experienced and gone through.

Virtual Reality Travel: your Physical Presence is not Necessary but you still can Travel

So, while traveling with physical presence offers the real test of a vacation but people are finding other ways to travel that might not be required for their physical presence rather they can still travel all-around of the world. Yes! I am just talking about the virtual travel that is getting very popular term for the people of 21st century.

 People are getting dependent to the virtual world and they spend more time in the online world than ever before. I usually, spend more than six hours on an average in doing virtual surfing. And reaching in US or Africa is a single click away. A singe clock of the mouse can make you reach to the destination that you are planning  to go for couple of years.

Get Teleported: Marriott’s  first ever Travel Virtual Reality

Travel brilliantly is a innovating travel experience offered by the Marriott, a leading Hospitality group in the Tourism industry. Travel brilliantly is a service designed for facilitating and enhancing the  travel experience. And Travel Brilliantly calls up for submitting the innovative ideas that can change the way of travel and that can add some values in the Tourism and Hospitality industry.

virtual travel

Marriott is bought to you the Virtual Traveling Experience

In the same way, Virtual Traveling is a very uniquely designed travel services for the newly married couple who are just married and want to have a thrilling experiences are seen to move for a virtual trip. Some couples who are just married from the New York City Hall are given opportunity  to experience virtual traveling through Marriott hotel’s virtual travel technology.

A live action video and a mix of CGI and 4 D technology lets the new married couples to have their honeymoon in London and Hawai. When the newly married couples are asked to tell about their favorite honeymoon destination, they uttered for Hawai and London and the moment when they have put the virtual class on them, they are just more than thrilled and excited to watch their favourite honeymoon destination within a couple of seconds.

This is virtual traveling and virtual reality when your favourite destination might be thousands miles away from you but by the dint of  virtual travel technology, you are no longer more far away from your dream places rather you can live with your dream and your dream might come true to watch all of your favourite destination around you. You might be get wonder to see yourself in the middle of a island and get found yourself in the beautiful London.

transforming the future of travel

The Marriott’s travel technology paves the way to experience the virtual traveling

Travel Maps and Games are some best way to travel Virtually

Google Maps and Google earth are may be the most popular maps in the world that are largely influencing tools for finding a place and and searching information about a destination. Travelers who want a quality time through online travel, can surely look in the google maps. Google maps has powerful satellite system through which any destination can be seen and explored without going there. And last but not the least, the guardian newspaper which is very popular dailly of UK, has a very extensive travel services which is called the Guardian Travel that offers a tool is called “where have you been’?

By this tool, u can mark the destination where have you been in the early days and after marking those destination that you have traveled in the past days, you can convert those information into create your own map and this creation of your own map will let you see your own map and destination where you have traveled and how many percent of the total world you have traveled, will be shown in your map.

transforming the future of travel

Virtual Travel is getting very popular day by in the present world

However, it is debated that the concept of virtual travel and virtual reality can snap away the real pleasure of traveling a destination physically. And virtual travel also emphasis the 4D technology that will offer you to see your desired destination without going there. And by these case, the google maps, travel maps and online games are not counted as part of the virtual reality. Apart from these, these some tools also help you to make a good surfing throughout the online world and some people are consented to address them not virtual traveling rather online traveling.

virtual travel

Traveling your dream destination might not be far way more because of virtual traveling

Whatever the era and scope of VT will be increasing and the future of virtual travel might have transformed the way people travel today. May be that day is not so far, when each and every people of the earth might not think a single day of their life without being a part of Virtual Traveling world.

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