Vegas: The Buzz of the Sin City

Vegas: The Buzz of the Sin City

For the past century, Las Vegas appeared as a mecca for the seekers of American Dream. The symbolism of Roman Empire, as reproduced in the design of Ceaser’s hotel and the dynamic urbanism of The Strip shaped an image of fluid and never stable environment, where Fortuna could instantly be graceful to a risky gambler.

The ambiguous fame of Vegas is most frequently reproduced in pop-art, literature and films as perilous sleazy Sin City. However, the unsolidified nature of the city structure with all its seductions and dangers attracts millions of travelers to challenge their nature in the city, which never sleeps.

Whether it is a backpacker or a family guy at a solitary trip, there are lots of things apart from gambling, which are of interest in this epicenter of nightlife, shopping and gambling. Whatever is an initial objective of a trip, the Vegas experience undoubtedly comes with fine food and the world-top hotels along the dramatically fashioned architectural lines of the Strip. The gods of the world’s hospitality leader are commonly agreed to be the Cosmopolitan, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Aria, Luxor and other hotel complexes. The experienced Vegas explorers tend to distinguish hotels according to it’s demographic targets, type of approach to customers and the choices of dinning options.

Between the Aria and Cosmopolitan, the Tripadvisor forum suggests that for the high-end gamblers seeking for luxurious experience, the Aria will provide the high-tech rooms with the stunning balcony views, while Cosmo known as a party place, situated in the heart of the Strip and with a wide range of dinning choices.

Among more than 15 thousand reviews of Aria on the trip advisor, the 13 thousands are positive, valuing the rooms, service and location. Tripadvisor provides are somewhat ambiguous reviews about both Cosmopolitan and Aria, where the staff did not manage to solve the trivial everyday problems. However, these ambiguous comments are less than 10 percent of the whole reviews and the experience of Vegas from the terraces of these hotels will necessarily fulfill the needs of American dreamers.

Eating out in Vegas is a promising hunting for gourmand. Almost grotesque sceneries of legendary buffets, such as lively Bacchanal in Ceasar’s palace, with an cornucopian scale of foods and drinks will fill up the tummies for a reasonable price but upon a substantial queue experience.  The cuisine corners in this buffet dare to cover all continents and keep the high standards of culinary tradition, especially known for the seafood selection. Another must-eat is undoubtedly steak, for which the Italian Andiamo Steakhouse (ranked #1 on Tripadvisor) is among the best places to pamper oneself in Vegas.

The attractions and entertainments of Vegas nowadays are hardly limited to the high-rank gambling experience. The reviews of things to do in Vegas prove, that the large sector of entertainment in Vegas is devoted to theatre and concerts. Indeed, if we look for the origin of show, we should definitely look for it in Vegas. From the decadence spirit of cabarets (which gave Vegas its image of a Sin City) to the dramatic mind-blowing performances of Cirque du Soleil, the visitor of Vegas will be involved in the most surreal experiences and show.

Among the other tourist attractions, the rides to the Grand Canyon and hiking trips around Nevada’s valleys will provide a contrast to the visions inside the Babylon of Vegas.  A special tourist attraction to visit is also a museum Titanic, in which a selection of object and human stories reconstructs the tragedy of the vessel in an almost intimate manner.

Exhibited together, the stories of crew and passengers of all the classes, the show that the dance of death does not count for social statuses. Let again, this impression is especially striking in the cornucopian feast of Vegas. The Bellagio fountains and the inner botanical gardens are also among the main tourist attractions, esthetically complementing the parched nature of Nevada.

The most interesting museum in Vegas, reviewed in Tripadvisor, is for sure the Mob Museum, which in an interactive manner presents the complicated history of the US organized crime and it’s ambivalent influence on the development of Vegas. Situated in the Downtown, this interesting venue of Vegas is a place where the naked and unbiased personal stories of the fight between Mob and the Law are revealed. This part of American history, just as a story of Vegas in particular, should be analyzed with a sober mind. This tourist attraction will give a meaningful last note for the Vegas adventure.

Whatever the traveler is looking for in Vegas, he will definitely find more than expected, and it is no wonder that hopes of gamblers, bachelor parties and family reunions gather all in a place were the limits of freedom are much extended and the borders between ‘if’ ‘maybe’ and ‘real’ get entangled. The Vegas experience is indeed one of a kind.

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