Vacation with a partner or friends?

Vacation with a partner or friends?

Vacation with a partner or friends? The Ten Commandments for not to quarrel on a vacation while you deserve only sweet memories

How not to quarrel on holiday?

Whether you are with your partner or friends, it does not matter: spending weeks in close contact with others can put a strain on your relationship, often causing misunderstandings or worse furious quarrel. So what to do to enjoy a well-earned rest in the company, without which the holiday turns into a nightmare? We rely on the advice of an expert: the psychologist John Porta who has compiled a handbook of small steps to start getting relaxed while you are on vacation. Here then are 10 golden rules to follow  for not to get stressed and moody while you are having a so desired  and beautiful vacation:


Many disputes arise for misunderstandings or for things that are taken for granted. For example, there are those who conceives a beach holiday as absolute idleness to begin at dawn and those who like a fast-paced tour of nightclubs. It is important to make it clear, before leaving, what are their wishes.


Sometimes, for fear of losing face or why we’d like to be better than we are, we hide even to ourselves what we really want. Doing so is dangerous, however, because our travel companions will never know what makes us happy and what does not, and it will become difficult to relate to us even if you start with the best intentions.


Are there perfect travel companions, the differences will always exist? It is therefore essential to mediate between them. Remember that, in a good bargaining, each party “gives” something.


Nothing more hinders than the achievement of an agreement on a contemptuous judgment. We try to understand the reasons of other people or not to assume they’re right. In a discussion, usually, everyone thinks that your position is the only sacrosanct, and this is one of the biggest obstacles to reaching an agreement.


In any negotiation there is a limit. The essential elements are the foundations on which to build togetherness. If there is no compatibility between the elements of the bottom, maybe you should think about several fellow passengers. If the basic compatibility exists…


The holidays can also be an opportunity to gain experience never felt before, to escape the confines of their own normality. During the each year of us, usually we have little time to be curious and get new experiment, all are taken from commitments and deadlines. It is said that, among these new experiences, they are really  interesting things

7) FUN

Fun is not just the result of an activity, but also a state of mind. Be prepared to have fun is to have the ability to take the events “lightly”, looking mainly the solid part of the glass. A great way to help your own fun is to give yourself permission to regress a little, to take off the clothes of men and women in career to give yourself a healthy, sweet laughter as they did as children…


Whether you are traveling in groups, pairs or as a family, to have time to be with yourself is essential. It serves to put in order the ideas, to relax, to find each other. Denied some small space of solitude – perhaps because the companion / or friends might take it badly – only exacerbates the possibility of litigation. Every relationship, even the most realizing, has moments of sharing and moments of retreat.


A trip or vacation are times when you spend much time together; it is, therefore, of occasions when “the lies have short legs.” Be honest about how you feel, what to try on something if you like or not, and accepted that others do the same. If something you do not like, not the end of the world and the holiday is not ruined for nothing. Communicate in a kind (before the discomfort becomes wrath) is a good way to build trust and security relationships.


There are times during the year, so difficult and stressful that it is natural to think about the holidays as a golden protected oasis where everything will be perfect and like magic will meet our balance and our happiness. Going from dream to reality, however, there may be problems, difficulties etc. which in many cases they can be experienced as small tragedies. Do not give up the mishaps, but fight to win your oasis of peace. Before leaving, meanwhile, informed well in the place where you are going, so as to avoid making choices incompatible with your wishes

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