Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

Vacation Istanbul Two years ago I decided that I would make a gift. I did not want an expensive briefcase, a dress or a branded car. No, I wanted something more elusive. I cherished for an experience memory to go far away and return Sola. It was probably also a challenge. It was a way to measure myself and prove that it was able to overcome the fear of crossing half of the world to perhaps find me.

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

It all started when I designed a tourism article for a magazine. I am graphically the designer. While i was watching the pictures and typography, adjusted and adapted maps, discovered a wonderful city named Istanbul. It was the largest city in Turkey, where the Black and Marmara sea meet through the Bosphorus. It has one foot in Europe and one in Asia. There is the moment that no one wanted to know. I decided to be there before reaching my fourth decade. That would be my conclusion.

During those two years, having a vacation in istanbul was one of my best memories in life. I fell in love with this place. Because it was the old Constantinople and it was the capital of three empires. The port where goods around the world arrives. It is a meeting place of cultures where the languages ​​are mixed and today is the largest city in Europe (around 15 million).

My imagination brings back my stories and my steps routes. I was taking a view from the European to the Asian side, shopping at the Grand Bazaar. Those dazzling mosaic lamps in Colombia will take one eye. And then I started researching for the job all about traveling to Turkey.

It became my obsession that I researched online all about flights, hotels, inns and transportation. I became a disciplined reader of blogs and community forum. I was hunting for opinions and recommendations of each person who knew anything about vacation in Istanbul.

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

An expert travel journalist told me that I would meet one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A friend from my college, who had been there in Istanbul recently, I was convinced after hearing lots of amazing stories about traveling in istanbul. Finally, I went to the hidden Istanbul and he gave me his card, Istanbulkart which is used to figure out the location of ferry, metro, bus, and tram and even for public bathrooms. And a friend told me about the wonderful mosques. I wrote down everything in a red book. It did an inventory of others’ experiences in order to prepare the ground for themselves.

Travel and discovery of Beautiful Istanbul City

After learning the discipline from a German soldier and collecting every details, I made the trip in May of last year. I chose this date because the weather is perfect for walking. Because, it is the beginning of spring. I flew first to Spain and then to Belgium. I also took the opportunity to visit some friends in Barcelona and Brussels. And then I went to Turkey.

The Recommendations following previous research was very useful. I stayed in Sultanahmet in the Eminönü district. It is a favorite for the tourists where the most representative sites of the city are concentrated in that areas. Istanbul has two airports. One is in the Europe and one is in the Asian. My flight was the second flight which is quite far from the city. I changed a few sites to receive money in euros. So it is important to Turkish lira, the local currency and bought a sim card to be communicated. In addition, I would go to Pamukkale and Cappadocia, famous historical sites.

Nearby there were several hotels, restaurants and shops that had their illuminated ceilings and mosaic lamps in the evening. People go out for a beer or smoking hookah against the backdrop of those old and beautiful streets. This complement of the warm, the Turks gives them to the tourists. She was fascinated with the first look at Istanbul.

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

And that was how I came to a magnificent city. The old mixed with the modern, visitors from around the world, dazzling buildings such as mosques, which are scattered throughout the city (about 3,000). It was a good part of the history of humanity gathered in one place.

There are things that remain imprinted in the memory. Because the sounds from the speakers with the songs that invite to prayer five times a day. Turkey is a country where most of the population is Muslim. For that, this is a place where the culture is so different from our any other cultures and yet so fascinating which reveals that we sense. The world is a big place of full of nuances and wonderful differences.

My eyes also discovered the beauty made by stone in the Blue Mosque named for the beautiful tiles that cover its interior. This mosque was ordered to build by Sultan Ahmet I in 1609 and inaugurated in 1617. It is the most important.

You can only enter hour’s non-cult and have to remove their shoes and women should cover their arms and head. At the entrance, they are a small walk-in closet with robes if the tourists do not wear appropriate clothing. The floor is covered by a red carpet full of blue flowers contrast with the decor and windows that adorn its walls. It is stunning in every way.

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

Across the street, it is the church or Ayasofya Hagia Sophia. An ancient building (537 AD) was terracotta colored basilica. Later the mosque and now a museum which houses part of the most beautiful mosaics of the history of art along with the Byzantine church of Cora (Kariye Museum). This is the important reason for my trip.

While entering, the size of the lamps of a room welcome to a place with a solemn architecture. It is wrapped in small pieces and gold colors forming images that so often seen in books and on the internet. I felt happy and also amazed to see such meticulous work that have for these artworks. And it is no wonder. This place is considered the masterpiece of Byzantine architecture.

To say that, there is much to see which would be reductionist. Across the Bosphorus Strait which divides the city that is Uskudar on the Asian side. There is after 15 minutes by ferry, I saw the sunset in a place. The locals gather to drink Turkish tea accompanied there with sunflower seeds, reading, taking photos and waiting for the sunset. Then the view is beautiful. Hundreds of seagulls are flying over the silhouettes of the Ayasofya and the Blue Mosque in front of the other continent. 

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

A half block away is the Basilica Cistern or Yerebatan. It is a place that was built in the city in order to store water from rivers and rain on spring. Water level still remains there & it is very cold. I looked for the famous Medusa heads that serve as the basis of two columns at the end of a corridor. I was always intrigued by his unknown origin. Even it is not known for sure the trajo and the strange smile on their faces.

The days were running fast among many things which were to admire. For example, I visited the Topkapi Palace. It is a place where luxury and opulence with which lived the sultans. It is a collection of jewelery and utensils made of metals and precious jewels and ancient manuscripts perfectly preserved appreciated.

I also stayed at the Galata Tower. It is one of the oldest towers in the world. It builds as site protection and monitoring from where you can see the Bosphorus to the Golden Horn. The photos are taken from there are amazing especially if one is going at sunset. I went to the Spice Bazaar or Egyptian Bazaar which is a delight for the eyes and taste.

There I found the typical Turkish sweets made with Granada and pistachio which is made all kinds of nuts, teas and spices. Then I took the ferry to Kadikoy, a district of Istanbul and located in the Asian part. I went looking for a traditional market in Sali Pazari which opens on Tuesday. All vegetable stalls are colorful and very low prices there. I had never seen so many types of olives and less together in one place.

This area which is little tourism is the perfect place to observe other Turkish customs. Women cover their heads with colorful scarves following the fashion trends. But without neglecting respect for Islam, others are covered from head to toe. It is in accordance with their religion.

The Church of Chora Church (Kariye Museum or Chora Church) was another point of the itinerary. It is small in size but with a huge historical legacy church frescoes and Byzantine mosaics which were covered with plaster in 1511. They are survived a couple of collapses and reconstructions. In 1945 the church became a museum and in the restoration which began in 1948. These works of art came to light again. Again I was surprised with such painstaking work done by the artists of that time.

Finally, I went to the Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi) to take pictures and enjoy this place. Here you can find all kinds of things from my precious, lamps, crafts, clothing, imitations of major brands, food, jewelry, carpets, to the famous Turkish eyes’ protection from all evil. Its 5,000 stores are located in streets covered with high ceilings decorated with hand-painted tiles.

In the end, another snapshot for memory is Istanbul at night when lights are covered with monuments and change their appearance. When the streets are crowded, they become more festive. It gulls disappear behind the Blue Mosque for prayer and chants are heard.

I was willing to try everything to enjoy its gastronomy. I ate in the street, in restaurants, on the Galata Bridge on the market which is expensive and other economic around a little dish. The traditional breakfast consists of several types of cheese, bread, Turkish tea, olives, red tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables. It is an easy menu to adopt. They loved the Adana kebab which is a kind of skewer of lamb or beef. It is seasoned with chili flakes, charcoal grilled and accompanied by Turkish rice, roasted tomatoes and salad. This traditional kebab also filled with chips.

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience

And what about the stuffed clams spicy rice served with lemon juice and cost a lira, roughly thousand Colombian pesos as well as the famous fish sandwich. The value of these dishes is in the freshness of meat that provides the fishermen who are in the Golden Horn and the Bosporus all day. That directs to Plate Sea. And definitely unforgettable first sip is of apple tea. What a treat! Perhaps they prepared with special ingredients because I brought not taste the same.

In the end, I bought a bit of everything the money paid and had no mishap. I met amazing places that today are declared heritage of humanity. It has made new friends and most important of all. I went away and came back.

If you want to go_

‘Several airlines are going to Istanbul and local Turkish Airlines and Pegasus (low cost) offering tickets at a great price.

-Keep Comfortable clothes because it is a city for walking.

-The Prices are generally similar to any other european countries.

-There pays admission in most historical sites.

-You can move by tram, bus, metro and ferry.

-You can use the card Istanbulkart to reduce costs.

-You can not miss the experience of shopping at the Grand Bazaar (right). It is one of the largest in the world.

Vacation Istanbul : A dreamy Travel Experience  was really a life-time travel experience that always inspire me to travel more and explore more like the way i more travel, the more i wonder about the beauty of the world

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