UNWTO Awarded PM for Tourism Contribution

UNWTO Awarded PM for Tourism Contribution
Prime minister sheikh hasina has been recognized by UN for contributing in the tourism sector of Bangladesh. Creating socio economic development and employment opportunity, the secretary general of UNWTO (United Nation Tourism Organization) Taleb Rifai handed over the ‘ open letter on travel & tourism’ to Sheikh Hasina as the recognition of the ability of tourism sector in Bangladesh.
Tourism sector plays an important role in those countries’ socio economic development and gives priority to the national policies, the President and prime minister of such countries are given the ” open letter on travel & tourism” as recognition by the attempts of UNWTO and world travel and tourism council.
Chief executive officer (CEO) of tourism board in Bangladesh, Akhtaruzzaman Khan kabir said in this respect on Sunday ” the Secretary general of UNWTO has given the ‘ open letter’ to our prime minister sheikh hasina as the recognition of creating socio economic development and employment opportunity in Bangladesh like such other prime minister of other countries.
Akhtaruzzaman Khan kabir said that giving ” open letter” to sheikh hasina means that Bangladesh have all the possibilities to show the tourism sector. He also informed that the Secretary general of UNWTO came in Dhaka to join in a conference of Buddhist for two days. Here 13 major Buddhist countries’ agents were present in this conference at 27 & 28 October.
Its main objective was to create a road map in the tourism sector of Buddhism in Bangladesh. Prime minister sheikh hasina inaugurated this valuable conference in Bangabondhu international conference center. Most of the Buddhist religious sages joined in the conference.
Akhtaruzzaman khan kabir said that the govt of Bangladesh hopes that the infrastructural development of Buddhism in this country through the international donors and investors will be included by the UNWTO.
He also said that in order to develop the tourism sector in Buddhist religion among the interrelated countries  especially Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, India and Srilanka , there will be a wonderful way of creating an inter communication among these countries through this conference.
Upoma Tabassum

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