Traveling & Earning Money

Traveling & Earning Money

Traveling is a matter that requires money. So, traveling & earning money might be hot-topic that can grab your attention easily. The more you travel, the more you need money. So cant you enjoy any tour if you don’t have any money? Here some solutions are provided. Currently we can live traveling because we can earn while we are traveling around the world. It is called a passive business. Business generates economic benefits without having to spend many hours to do it. But it has not always been so.

To make our trips feasible, sometimes we had to make money on traveling. We put examples what we have done. We hope they can help you if you are planning to go on traveling for a long period of time.We did not have enough money to travel. We had to look for life in order to finance ourselves and to experience our adventures. Sometimes we were forced to do so to extend a trip. We did not want that to the end.

Traveling and earning money is best way not to stop you from traveling for the way you want. The first time that happened we were in our first world tour. We had half a year traveling in South America and at that time our goal was to give an around the world in a year. We saw with the money that was available. But it did not have enough to get it. So we started to explore how to make money traveling. It also makes possible our return to the world.

We decided that we were going to New York (then we were in Quito, Ecuador) and would look for to work there. The idea was to be a couple of months working to save enough to continue the journey in Asia.The truth is that it was extremely easy to find work in New York in the field of hospitality. The next day you start looking, the two were already working. One is an Italian restaurant, and the other is in a pizzeria. Both are in the heart of Manhattan.

It was a play that worked out well. Because we earn money in dollars and the money we were spending to Asia. The cost of living made the money saved would spread us a lot.We had managed to make feasible our Around the World! 

Work in the places you visit when you are traveling. It is only profitable if we do it in the most economically developed countries. Then we spend that money in countries where the cost of living is lower. That is no sense to work in Asia to continue the journey by another part of the world. Because it is not so cheap costarred daily expenses.

Working as a Tour Guide

Working in New York was not the only time we’ve made money while traveling. During another trip, this time of four months by India and Nepal, there were also other sources of funding. In this case working as tour guides for a Spanish company.

The fact that employment is a very good choice. Certainty has no longer work with its obligations and responsibilities. But it is the closest thing to go when compared to a job in an office. We did a three-week route for a group of ten people. Those three weeks of travel, which were also profitable level for the travelers who went to places in India that had not been, let us make viable those four months traveling through India and Nepal .

But there are many on traveling. The world is full of people who roam and make their living by the way. We’ve known people who sell at flea markets crafts they produce.Other work is on organic farms around the world. Others work on cruise ships and the others are in or shelters in exchange for food and lodging.

Today, there is a mode which we have discussed in other articles. It is becoming digital nomad. The good thing about the digital nomad is that you can develop a passive business that without spending many hours as we have.

From our point of view, this is undoubtedly the best choice. Ultimately, what we show in this article is that options for earning a living traveling there, we just pick ours. The world is a beautiful place to be discovered and can cross it while you make your living on the road. So,what are you waiting for? Travel, explore, get known and be part of the thrill!!!

Ayon Dutta

Ayon is a creative a guy who is a travel freak. He loves to explore the world around him and besides pursuing his graduation from University of Dhaka, he is working as a content ninja for Travelindream

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