Travelers Rate of Purchasing Tickets through Internet Increased

Travelers Rate of Purchasing Tickets through Internet Increased

Six out of ten international travelers who are expected to travel in 2015 used the Internet to purchase tickets, to make reservations for rooms or to plan their trip, according to the latest data provided by the consultancy firm Nielsen , from their e-commerce habits report. “International travelers are more travelers of 2.0,” says market research firm. According to data released by Nielsen, 35% of international tourists plan to buy online transport tickets for the chosen destination on their next getaway or vacation.

Half of the respondents believe that buying tickets online is cheaper than any other platforms

In addition, another 22% opt for the network to find tickets, “mainly to see and compare prices and find deals and promotions, but then their purchase is physics.” Moreover, four out of ten made the reservation of the stay through the internet.

In addition, “23% used their computer or mobile device to find where to spend the night during their scheduled trip, but later they made the reservation by more traditional methods such as the telephone,” explains Nielsen. “Electronic commerce has been in Spain and the travel trade is one of its great reefs. Neither textiles nor food or any other business reaches 60% of what Spanish travelers are looking for and only book tickets and hotel rooms are in the 60%, “says the market research firm.

“The only sector that comes close to that percentage is fashion, with half of consumers in Spain looking or buying clothes, accessories and shoes on the network.”

Price factor

” As the travelers are hypersensitive to consumer price, they do not repel the opportunity provided by a means such as the Internet to access more competitive prices, “says Nielsen. In this sense, “half of travelers consider that travel on the network are cheaper.” “Availability of supply” and “convenience” are other aspects that drive online holidays and break management.

Nielsen says: “travelers are increasingly paying to start their trip on the net and not traversing the streets in search of travel agencies with different destinations, prices and services by investing huge amounts of time. “

Use of mobile devices

As the facts are explained by the CEO of Nielsen Iberia, Gustavo Nunez,” Moreover, 55% of travelers access the network through a smartphone and three in four have some form of Internet access. “

“These combined with the traditional love for traveling figures, despite brief weekend getaways, are perfect breeding grounds for electronic commerce and travel can be further developed,” added Nunez. “However, the final momentum comes from the ability to access better prices and discounts. The travelers did not cease to be hypersensitive to the price or when they travel. “

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