Travel Places Free Visit | 10 Amazing Destinations

Travel Places Free Visit | 10 Amazing Destinations

“Travel places free visit” can be an attractive choice for the budget minded travelers. But Travel is not always a matter of commerce and economy. It is also a medium of education, learning and interexchange of culture. Today many places can be experienced for free, which saves considerable money. There is a list of plans that can be enjoyed free of charge in some of the world’s most popular destinations.

 FREE TOUR BY LONDON | Travel Places Free Visit

London’s museums are among the best in the world, and many of them are free: the National Gallery , the Tate Britain , the Tate Modern , the British Museum , the Natural History Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum do not charge anything for the entry (though donations accepted), offering free access to its valuable collections.

A particularly fun attraction for families and children is the Tour de Cockroaches in the Museum of Science: visitors can enter a cockroach shell and observe human evolution through the eyes of an insect (every Saturday and Sunday at 14:00 and 16:00).

All travelers visiting London and is interested in politics should attend the debates of the House of Commons or House of Lords. On weekdays, it is sometimes possible to see these for free. You can also enjoy more English tradition every day at 21:53, at which time, following a strict protocol, held Ceremony of the Keys at the time when the main gates of the Tower close From london, a tradition more than 700 years old.

Music lovers can enjoy free concerts in the church of St. Martin-in-the Fields (Trafalgar Square). They are held every day of the week at lunchtime, and in the evenings from Sunday to Thursday.

Travel Places Free Visit | FREE TRAVEL FOR PARIS 

Many of the great museums of Paris can be watched for free on the first Sunday of each month: including the Orsay Museum (admission is normally 11 euros), the Centre Pompidou (usually up to 13 euros) and the world famous Louvre museum with its legendary Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (entrance normally costs 12 euros but is free every first Sunday of the month, from October to March).

Paris is a big city and moving from one place to another can be expensive. A tip for saving money is hire a rental bicycle service with stations spread throughout the city. The ticket for a day costs 1.70 euros and the first 30 minutes are free, perfect for getting quickly from place to place.

Another great experience in Paris that is priceless (and also free): the view from the terrace of the shopping paradise, the Galleries Lafayette , with magnificent views of the opera house and the Eiffel Tower.

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And for those who want to see the city from an unusual point of view, a walk on the Promenade Plantée : 4.5 kilometers of Parkway on a former elevated rail line in eastern Paris. From here, stairs are fascinating city, its typical streets and viaducts, as the Viaduct des Arts, the bridge turned into an art gallery.

And the reason for the visit to Paris is a romantic getaway, the Wall of Love is a must: an art installation, a mural featuring the words “I love you” scrawled in hundreds of different languages. The mural is near the Scare-Coeur , an iconic attraction of Paris which can also be visited free of charge. 

travel places free visit in paris

FREE TOUR IN MADRID | Travel Places Free Visit

The world famous Prado Museum , with works by El Greco, Velazquez, Goya and Titian, it costs zero instead of 14 euros from Monday to Saturday between 18:00 and 20:00, and Sundays and holidays from 17 : 00 to 19:00.

The National Archaeological Museum is free on Saturdays from 14:00 and Sunday morning (otherwise, the normal entrance fee is 3 euros). El Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Museum , with works by Picasso and Dali and other artists of the twentieth century, you can visit for free on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 19:00 to 21:00 hours and on Sundays from 13:30 to 19:00, a saving of 8 euros.

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Live like a king and that does not have to be expensive: The Royal Palace can be visited for free from Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00 (admission is normally 10 euro’s). And to refuel, Madrid also offers free options with its famous tapas: in most tapas bars with free drinks, especially in the area of Santo Domingo next to Gran Via.

Visitors can also enjoy leisurely strolls by unique places like El Rastro , one of the largest outdoor markets in Europe, or enjoy the view of a tropical forest in the Atocha station, with its glass and steel construction and its permanent exhibition of sculptures, beautiful tropical gardens and sculptures.

Travel Places  Free Visit | FREE TRAVEL FOR NEW YORK 

The Flatiron Building is an icon of New York, and offers free tours every Sunday through construction and the local area. Tuesday to Friday between 12:20 and 12:50, the Grace Church offers Broadway at noon Bach (Bach at noon): an organ concert which is to be the listener of a relaxing experience amidst the bustle of the metropolis.

And though it may seem incredible, also in New York, you can enjoy performances by Grammy nominees without paying: the Carnegie Hall Neighborhood offers free concerts for over 40 years in various areas of New York, to bring the music to locals.

But if there are views over New York that really worth seeing are offered by The High Line. If you want to enjoy a walk near the sky at no cost, you should explore from the Meatpacking District through West Chelsea. It is an old railway line that has become a large green space with gardens, artwork and gateway and offers completely different and unique views of the city.

Travel Places Free Visit | FREE TRAVEL FOR VIENNA 

The baroque castle of Schönbrunn is a World Heritage Site and one of the most visited attractions in Vienna. Visitors can wander through the beautiful garden, in the past, could only enjoy the emperor’s family.

The journey to the Glorieta offers spectacular views of Vienna and Schönbrunn Castle. And all are completely free. Listening to Puccini or Mozart outdoors from April to June, or enjoy the program of the Vienna State Opera in September, are unique experiences usually expensive but in those months can live for free and thanks to the giant screen installed to bring music to citizens and visitors.

For those who prefer modern music, Donauinselfest is a great experience: a festival of free outdoor music since 1894 attracts about 3 million people in a three day long party. The 32nd Donauinselfest be held this year from 26 to 28 June.

Travel Places Free Visit | FREE TRAVEL FOR EDINBURGH 

Edinburgh is a city where travelers will find wonderful views wherever you look. One is the Arthur’s Seat: a natural formation that rises above the city and offers an excellent view. At its summit can be reached in about an hour, but the effort is worthwhile.

The Scottish Parliament building offers free permanent exhibition visits. And for the brave, it is recommended to take a walk through the haunted cemetery in Edinburgh Greyfriars.

The Scots are known to be savers, so Edinburgh offers, of course, many more free attractions: Carlton Hill, with its monuments and key to take stunning photos places, the National Gallery of Scotland and his masterpieces, the Duddingston Village, a pretty village dating from the twelfth century, and which is Scotland’s oldest pub.

Travel Places Free Visit | FREE TRAVEL FOR AMSTERDAM

Exploring the Amsterdam canals is free and already because of this, it is worth traveling and making a the trip in Amsterdam. Throughout the tour, visitors will find the Bloemenmarkt, the only floating flower market in the world with full houseboats flowers and seeds for sale.

travel places free visit

There are lots of cool travel places where you can visit without spending any bucks

Every Wednesday at lunchtime there are performances by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and jazz lovers, local Bimhuis offers a free monthly night with impromptu performances.

Other free attractions in Amsterdam are the EYE Film Museum and the Botanical Garden of the Vrije University, with more than 6,000 plant species. The garden is also home to plants, for protection policies horticultural heritage, have been detained by customs at the airport of Schiphol.

 Travel Places Free Visit | FREE TOUR PRAGUE 

When traveling to Prague, it is obligatory to visit the Old Town Square with its astronomical clock of the XV century and watch your show for every rush hour, on the south wall of the Old City Hall.

Then visitors can continue their tour of the grounds of the Castle and attend the changing of the guard made at 12:00 noon. As a cultural recommendation, the National Gallery offers free admission from 15:00 until 20:00 every first Wednesday of each month. And of course, visitors will cross the Charles Bridge , Prague’s main tourist attraction. When the evening is not just a free show but above all impressive.

Travel Places  Free Visit | FREE TRAVEL FOR BERLIN 

One of the most interesting attractions of Berlin is the East Side Gallery: an unusual gallery whose visit is free and consists of preserved sections of the Berlin wall, now covered with artwork of about 106 international artists.

The top of the Reichstag, seat of the Bundestag (German parliament) since 1999, is a magnificent glass dome with a terrace and stunning views of the city. Every Tuesday, at 13:00, the lobbies of the famous Berlin Philharmonic offers free chamber music concerts lunchtime. Definitely it is a unique experience without paying a single euro.

 Travel Places Free Visit |FREE TRAVEL FOR ROME 

In the shops of Rome you can spend astronomical sums of money. However, the Eternal City can also be enjoyed on a budget. A point of interest is the Vatican Museums, which is the magnificent Sistine Chapel. Admission is free on the last Sunday of the month (except when it falls on a holiday), representing a saving of 16 euro’s.

For those who do not want to spend much on tickets to museums, Rome offers a lot of options for open access to the most impressive art: A Rafael and Caravaggio in the church of Sant ‘Agostino, also paintings by Caravaggio in San Luigi deiFrancesi and Santa Maria del Popolo are some of the remarkable places.

Classics are priceless, and a visit to the Roman Forum costs about 12 euro’s. If we want to see for free, without entering, we can do it from the Capitoline Hill. It is also free to enter the Pantheon and see the BoccadellaVerita front of the church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin.

There is a stone mouth remaining and people think that bites the hand of liar. Perhaps some visitors want to also visit the crypt (slightly creepy) of the Capuchin friars of Santa María de la Concepción. Since 1631, the monastery walls and ceilings have been painstakingly decorating with the bones of 4,000 monks.

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