Travel long distance driving growth in 2015

Travel long distance driving growth in 2015

Travel long distance driving growth in 2015, has been a remarkable progress in the travel and tourism industry. Long distance or long haul travel was supposed to be the very narrow segment in the travel industry which even was mostly confined with European and American market but now-a-days the pattern of long distance travel are changing a lot and have been increasing by a greater number as people are most like to travel on a long vacation with a greater distance of their usual travel experience. Barcelona, Milan and Munich, are the “winning” cities in the first quarter for traveling long distance.

According to a report commissioned by European Cities Marketing (ECM) to ForwardKeys, Barcelona, Milan and Munich were the three European winners of urban destinations in terms of growth and market share of foreign tourists in the first quarter of 2015 based on air bookings. Across Europe, the growth in the start of the year is led by long-haul markets.

Thus, the latest barometer of air traffic produced by ECM shows that international tourist arrivals to European cities continued to rise during the period from January to March 2015, maintaining the growth trend with those closed in 2014.

Thus, growth in the first quarter was 1.3% compared to that of the same period last year. According to the ECM’s explanation, the increase is mainly explained by the strength of the long-haul markets, whose arrivals in Europe increased by 5.2%.

Instead, the intra-European market (accounting for 66% of international arrivals in European countries) registered a decline of 0.5% , “after the collapse of the Russian and Ukrainian markets, already recorded in the last quarter of 2014 “, says ECM. Also, they fell in tourist arrivals from Africa (-4.9%) in the first quarter of 2015.

Issuers markets higher in travel long distance

Issuers markets in North America grew higher (+ 4.9%), the growth was driven by favorable currency exchange and an improvement in the economy” and especially in the region of Asia-Pacific (+ 10.2%).

“However, Asia, which recorded an acceleration since the beginning of 2014, is having a slight slowdown in the first quarter of 2015, due to the anti-corruption program launched by China “, says ECM. And it is that the program has meant a significant cut in travel expenses and other items by companies of China. Tourist arrivals from distant source markets in Europe during the first quarter have been increased in  2015.

Travel long distance for Travelers’ profiles

According to the ECM’s explanation, the most common trips during the first quarter of 2015 were short stays of 1-5 days. Travelers singles and couples have been accounted for 78% of the arrivals, while passengers were in groups of more than six persons increased by 24%.

Moreover, ” Barcelona, Milan and Munich were the winners in terms of market share and variation during the first quarter of 2015 since they are the only cities to be present in both the top 10 growth and in the top 10 volume “ , notes ECM.

Besides the three cities received a significant number of bookings for the second quarter of 2015. ForwardKeys report for ECM includes air bookings made by passengers arriving to Europe and stay at least one night at the destination.

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