Travel Diary:  Visit India

Travel Diary:  Visit India

Visit India, probably the most common and attractive slogan of indian tourism industry for attracting tourists from all over the world. In mid September, when monsoon vibe has not completely gone, we decided to make a 15 days trip to India. India is a place you’d enjoy travelling with parents in an affordable budget. So much to see and shop! So, visit india started with an exciting and thrilling journey.

A quick air journey to Kolkata, a city which is no better than Dhaka and then a 16 hours train journey to Delhi. First class sleeping coach of Rajdhani Express is no less than any airlines services. Comfortable beds and seats, hourly refreshments, delicious dinner and breakfast platters-I can go on about it.

Remember to take a novel with you along the journey by train, nowhere does reading feel so wonderful. We stayed near Karol Bagh metro station of Delhi. 11am to 11pm Karol Bagh market attracts shoppers of all kinds. It is a shopper’s stop for reasonable western outfits, chiffon saris and leather items. An evening was wasted at Chadni Chowk, Delhi, because it offers nothing for the ordinary. It is one hot stop for bridal shopping only.

One of the best places of Delhi is Connaught Place. It is the largest commercial centre in Delhi and it  is commonly known as CP. All the high end food courts and shopping malls are located here and you’d see all the top branded cars like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes running across the streets of CP only. If you want the taste of some international cuisines then you’ll have to check in at CP first and then find your place.

All the clothing brands like Levi’s, pepe jeans can be found at malls of CP and precisely Select City Mall. Expenses are pretty high at Delhi for accommodation, food or shopping. Sightseeing in Delhi is fun as well. Red Fort, Lotus temple, Humayun’s tomb, India Gate, Kutub Minar and several other mesmerizing heritage spots can be found in Delhi.

The next destination was Jaipur, Rajasthan which was only 5 to 6 hours highway ride from Delhi. Jaipur is one of the most authentic and beautiful places of India. It has strong cultural roots and has hold on to the remarkable heritages from mujghal eras.

Visiting India is probably of the best travel experiences in my entire life that i would like to have again and again.

The main attractions are the pink city and Amer fort. The million dollar view from the top of Amer Fort cannot be put in words. Most of the buildings of the city depict the ancient empire architecture. Rajasthan is a dry state with around 90% vegetarians. You might have to adjust with roti, mixed vegetables and dal only because some restaurants don’t even serve eggs. Don’t forget to grab some chunri printed saris and cheap jewelries from Johri bazaar of Jaipur. Gold shopping would be best here as well.

The next spot Agra was a 4 hours drive and the only attraction to that place was Taj Mahal. Nothing else about that city was appealing. It was just another suburb. Taj Mahal represents the symbol of love and we all know it has a long traditional history. Nothing else could describe the Taj Mahal as a magnificent place for sharing love and sacrificing for love that hold a spiritual statement. Exploring Taj and enjoying her exquisite beauty was one of best experiences of  Visit India.

Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Kolkata, Ajmer are the hotspots for family vacation. It is recommended to travel 4 to 6 destinations on packages from trusted source otherwise the journey could be hectic.

Shayla Sharmeen

Shayla Sharmeen is a creative person with versatile approach. She loves to travel to explore the new things and to see the unseen. Besides, she loves cooking food for the hospitality she does always for people.

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