Travel applications: 15 Apps For This Summer

Travel applications: 15 Apps For This Summer

Spontaneity in travel is important, it is not advisable to take every second planned because you never know what can happen. And besides, a little adventure can drag other unforgettable experiences. However, no matter how adventurous you want to be, it is always good to have little expectations, both to save and to prevent shocks in the destination.

Travelling without technology in our bags is no longer conceived. The phones are our new right hand, so more and more applications that make our lives easier are getting emerge in the contemporary world. It was not to be outdone with the holiday. Find a wifi and get ready to download the following apps for your summer and your trip to be perfect.

Before leaving:

  • Ticket. The first thing is to catch the plane ticket. With this free application you can, quickly and easily compare hundreds of destinations at once, book a ticket, hotel, rental car if you needed it, and even prepare itineraries.
  • CAMPINGES. If your trip is going to be in Spain and want to save as much as possible with backpack and tent at hand, this is your app. No cost you can download the first national directory of campgrounds, with offers, recommendations from people, photographs and itineraries you can do during your trip.
  • BOOKING. Just what you prefer to stay in hotels or hostels, then what better than a search engine as booking deals. Download this application and filtered by location, price, number of bedrooms, etc.
  • AIRBNB. Comfort and time savings. This is what often happens if, instead of a hotel, looking for a house to rent for a few days. The app Airbnb functions as the web, looking for a house for you alone or shared with their tenants to spend less money on accommodation.


During the trip:

  • AROUND ME. At last you come to a holiday destination, but everything is new to you. Do not to worry, only a click, this app lets you locate you anywhere in the world and offer practical information: nearest pharmacies, ATMs to withdraw cash, restaurants …
  • FIELD TRIP. Once you’ve read guides and forums, you know the most famous routes you need to take the city. But if you want something different, get out of the resort to explore mysterious and unusual places, look no further, this app from Google is perfect. The routes will offer little to do with what’s offered by tour operators.
  • DIANA. After kicking, always want a beer or fill the stomach. Recommendations of bars and restaurants are everywhere, but why not an app to know your likes and recommends you according to your preferences? Diana will. After analyzing the things you do, the application will tell you which is the best place to eat or a drink.
  • Word Lens. “I do not know English.” Or French or Arabic or Chinese. Not knowing a language does not condition your holiday. This app will get you more than a pinch when you do not understand what you read. Grab your phone, turn on the camera, pointing to the poster and instantly know what it said after those letters were not able to decipher.
  • CURRENCY CONVERTER PLUS. If you still change the pesetas for euros to know if something is expensive or not, choosing your currency may further complicate your calculations. With this app you will know exactly how much you are spending to buy in another country.
  • TRIP SPLITTER. So much for controlling the ‘pot’ to see who gets less. Traveling with friends is fun but sometimes a mess of accounts. That comes this app with multiple functions, from splitting the costs according to the number of people in the group, geo localizer where expenses have occurred, change money, take pictures of tickets to keep everything under control, etc.
  • WIKILOC. If you are more of nature, do trekking or take the bike to discover new spaces outdoors, get this app with which you can discover different routes, you do share and record on all your travel map.
  • UBER. Well known at present by all the controversy it brings , this app has many advantages: no need cash, knowing how much it will cost and share the journey with several route to come out cheaper. Very useful in cities where it is difficult to find other transportation or if you look lost and penniless.
  • RAIN ALARM. The rain is unpredictable but all look every day that does not match a downpour with our holidays. This app only valid for rentals in Spain, notifies you when there are clouds near discharging water so that rain never catch you off guard.


Now back:

  • Entrain. If your vacation plans are in a country with many hours apart, prepared for the jet lag. Or not. This app helps you reset the sleep of your body to adapt quickly to the new schedule. It is a scientific remedy, so read the instructions slowly, which is not so easy to implement.
  • EVERNOTE. Now the journey is over but the excitement of the holidays are still prevalent in the memory. You are in full swing, perfect to report all notes of your holiday, together with pictures and materials with relevant time. With this app you can do all this, keep in the cloud and show it to all your friends when you want to die of envy.


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