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Cross borders gives the opportunity to meet other destinations, but also different customs, cultures, societies and culinary traditions. For this brand new year, the publisher Lonely Planet select the best of the five continents.

Europe is the main recipient of Spanish tourists traveling abroad. The demand is concentrated in the nearest countries . Paris, London, Berlin and Milan are the favorite cities for leisure, and further also for business trips. America is gaining weight, especially New York. And destinations like the Caribbean, and not only reserved for the honeymoon. For anyone thinking beyond our borders, here is a selection made by Lonely Planet, one of the editors of travel with higher sales. They are the 10 best places to visit in 2016. Australia. Go to Australia is like moving to another time, another world. Kangaroos and crocodiles, paradisiáticas beaches and coral are part of the landscape with modern Sydney.

This year will be cheaper to travel to the Antipodes, the depreciation of the Australian dollar and falling oil prices, which lowers the cost of the ticket. Do not miss the Great Barrier Reef and the Tasmanian Wilderness, both under environmental threat. Botswana. This year marks the 50th anniversary of its independence. To Lonely Planet it is a unique opportunity to enjoy a society that has become one of the most stable and prosperous continent. Natural parks and safaris are a spectacle for the senses. Essential, the Okavango Delta.

Japan has its particularity in every corner of the United States. There are different kinds of cities to see, visit and explore. But the National Park Service has a special role. This year is the 100th anniversary of the federal agency , which manages 340,000 square meters of unique landscapes. The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited. Fiji.

After political stability, the first improvements to the tourist, as the Nadi International Airport, which is the main gateway to the islands begin to occur. Relax on some of the choicest and luxurious resort present; . try the latest in extreme sports or engage in diving, sailing or fishing island of Viti Levu is the most tourism ; abundant forests and pristine beaches. For further off: Nananu-i-Ra, also ideal for diving. Greenland.

Tourism this frigid place, which has the lowest density of population in the world, gives the opportunity to see the midnight sun on glaciers, navigate between whales come to the surface, traverse the tundra on a sled dog or watch northern lights. An alternative, also very peculiar, for hiking. In March, Greenland will host the Arctic Winter Games , the biggest event of this kind, never before held. In parallel, there will be a festival of music, food and dance. Japan. It is a large country, with an infinite view for tourists. Most modern cities are mixed with historic castles sanctuaries or more. Japan has its particularity in every corner.

You can participate in any of the ceremonies for tea; visit the Tsukiji fish market; climb Mount Fuji, watching a sumo wrestling or geisha dance ; glimpse of whales or dolphins, and even skiing. The visit to Auschwitz in Poland is obliged Latvia. Loney Planet recommends this destination because it is also in luck. The country is recovering traditions and restoring cultural heritage such as castles or mansions, when it is 25 years without Soviet territory. Riga was European Capital of Culture in 2014, after improving its infrastructure and reforming the city. It is one of the most popular destinations where you can visit the monument to freedom; the House of heads; House of Black Cat; the old town, or go to the opera. Palau. Paradisiático.

It is the word that best defines this tiny place located in Oceania, a show carried the ultimate expression for the tourist in all its hundreds of islands of volcanic and coral origin. Throughout the year you can enjoy a tropical climate and its beaches -some considered the best in the world dominates the intense blue of its waters. One of its most striking places is Jellyfish Lake. They are a rare species and are harmless to humans. You can dive Poland.

This is a closely tied to the history. The visit to Auschwitz is a must, although encountering the past sometimes emit a feeling of bitterness. As for feelings, offset elsewhere as the Wawel Castle or the salt mines of Krakow. You can go scuba diving, visit the Góry Stolowe mountains and the Slowinski National Park. Uruguay. It is associated with calm, hospitality and charisma. North, south, east or west. Each area is a different world to discover within the country. It is recommended not miss Cabo Polonio; Colonia del Sacramento; Montevideo; Punta del Diablo; Isla de Lobos and Playa de Aguas Dulces.

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