Thirteen Things You should never Do in an Airport

Thirteen Things You should never Do in an Airport

Avoid unnecessary lines and follow instructions from airport authorities.

Ignorance, forgetfulness or lack of experience, many travelers engage in misconduct at airports. Some may be innocent and not transcend a scolding. But other addresses may prevent and even could get in trouble with the law.

These are the recommendations of an expert group, consulted by the Travel section of TIME, about things that should never do in an airport.

 Be on time. 

For international flights, in the case of Colombia, it is necessary to be three hours earlier. For domestic flights, it is advised to arrive two hours in advance. Outside applies the same recommendation. Avoid cares and anxieties.

– Do not get drunk.

 While waiting for your flight you can take one or two drinks perhaps to calm anxiety or nerves. But if you get drunk, it might give you lots of troubles and you might lose your flight.

– It is key to know in advance how many suitcases and how much weight is entitled to with one ticket. If exceeded, you will pay part of overcrowding or leave your luggage at the airport. 

– Always watch the clock. 

That time will not pass while shopping or strolling around the shops. First of all locate the room where to board on plane. And do not pick up objects apparently abandoned. Report  to the authorities.

– Follow to the letter and rules of the authorities.

If asked to remove your shoes or if you are required to uncover the suitcase and show your luggage, do not argue: they  control measures. It may seem unfair, but the rules are rules. If it exalts or objects, it could arouse suspicion and  you may be subjected to uncomfortable interrogations and inspections, and of course, you may lose the flight.

– If you need to carry life-saving medicines in your hand luggage or requiring special services (cots, oxygen, special medical conditions, wheelchair, crates, musical instruments or sports) you are required to report it at the time of registration.

– Do not fall asleep.

 Or put an alarm clock. It is common for people to fall asleep in chairs,  in the corridors or airports, especially if you have to wait several hours for a connection and ends to overcome fatigue. But it may be too late when you wake up and the plane has already left.

– Learn how to travel light, wear comfortable clothes.

 Be practical with luggage and do not carry so many packages. Bring a backpack or bag with the documents (passport, tickets) in one place. Learn about the (liquid, spirits than duty free, food) restrictions.– Do not make unnecessary rows. There are people who make long lines, useless-to address and generate riots and chaos in the airports. Hold your breath: you just entered and it corresponds to the location of their seat, unless you travel in first class.

– Take your hand with all the documentation that can be certified as a tourist in legal terms: passport, valid visas-if necessary, hotel reservations or details of the person where you will be staying during his visit.

– Do not carry plants, fruits, vegetables, meat or seeds in their luggage. Most countries have strict restrictions in this regard, for sanitation. 

 Avoid close contact with dogs at airport.

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