The Trap to Prevent Air Recline Chair

The Trap to Prevent Air Recline Chair

A defender knees, you are buying online, causes controversy among travelers.

This is the device that is installed in the front seat, to prevent can rest. 

A device known as Knee protector Defend or knees is causing controversy among world travelers. The device, which is available online for $ 22, is a clip that is installed on the passenger seat going forward and prevent you to this rest.

In fact, a few weeks ago a United Airlines flight traveling from Newark to Denver, in the United States, was forced to divert its course due to the confrontation between two passengers, as a result of inappropriate use of protective knees. Upon landing, the two passengers were ejected from the flight. ( See also The twelve things you should not do on an airplane)

trap in air recline chair


So far, authorities have not agreed on the prohibition or authorization of the device. The object designed it in 2003, by the US Iran Goldman, 1.90 meters tall and who suffered in the flight  a lot because of the reclining chair that oppressed her long legs. (See The 10 behaviors most hate hostesses’ passengers)

To avoid problems, the device brings a courtesy card, presumably, the user must install the seat for the front passenger who finds out cannot rest. However, it remains an arbitrary action that threatens the rights of all passengers.

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