The Rising Tourist In Europe Middle East and Asian Tourist

The Rising Tourist In Europe Middle East and Asian Tourist

The emerging markets of long distance, mainly from the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, led the highest growth in tourist arrivals to Europe last summer, as reflected in the data processed by European Cities Marketing (ECM) and ForwardsKeys.

In total, international arrivals by air to Europe rose 5% year on year during the period from July 1 to September 30.

However, the robust growth of 9% starring long-distance travelers contrasted with the “modest increase” 2% for intra-European travel, according to ECM.

In any case, the intra-European market represents 62% of all international arrivals by air in Europe.

Tourists from Middle East and Asia, the fastest growing in Europe. Image Shutterstock

Among the long-haul source markets, they highlighted China and the Middle East . “As the end of Ramadan was a key factor driving the arrivals from the Middle East, the growing Chinese market was constant throughout the quarter, “said ECM.

As shown in the graph below, the arrival of tourists from the Middle East increased by 21%; from Asia-Oceania the increase was 14%. American travelers growth was 6%, while the increase in Central and South America reached 3%.

The three cities London, Paris and Istanbul received more tourists by air in the third quarter.

In addition, four Spanish cities were among the ten largest in Europe with annual growth rates in the third quarter of 2014: Valencia, Seville, Palma de Mallorca and Madrid.

Forecasts for the fourth quarter of 2014

For the last quarter of 2014, the data of airline reservations show the annual increase of 3.5% on average . From long-haul markets, growth is 7.5%.

The data show that European destinations with more air bookings during the quarter are  London and Paris, while Rome leads to Istanbul.

The cities with the highest growth in arrivals during the fourth quarter, are Dubrovnik, Milan and Prague.

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