The Impact of Internet on Traveler

The Impact of Internet on Traveler

The Internet has multiplier impact on travelers. The impact of internet on traveler has become most significant issue on travel and tourism industry. From ticket purchasing to travel experience, internet has a magical touch and influence on travel industry. And it has been told by the travel experts that successful travel company has greater interaction, connectivity, engagement and popularity on the virtual and internet world. The Hotel Technological Institute and Segittur have prepared the report “Impact of innovation and new technologies in the habits of the new economy in Spain”. 

This document, which can be availed through internet,  provides numerous details on the influences of the Internet in the different moments that make up the entire chain of travel. New travel document profiles and use of technologies are critically assessed by the tourism companies for greater customer satisfaction and retention.

According to the several experts of the tourism industry, “tourist behavior analysis (as a framework in which the use of ICT is inserted) allows to know the gap between actual and potential utilization segments and situations linked to individual travel. “It allows to know about the similarity & greatest potential niche to use as travel habits of different population segments.

In this sense, “the participation of ICT, especially the Internet, in decision-making and tourist hiring, is translated into segments linked to generic middle classes and holiday tourism, “adds the travel industry professionals.

The study includes numerous computer graphics and tables on a monthly based traveling population, frequency of trips within a year, socio-demographic profiles, attitudes to travel and a special section dedicated to “traveling surfer.”For example, online booking rates are shown by age group, sex, socio-economic group and product purchased.

It is significant to observe the growing tendency to use Internet as we increase the distance of the journey. From 200 km, the use of ICT exceeds the average trip, and from the 400 already used in three out of 10, moving to four out of 10 at in-bound travel outside of the country of origin.

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