The Best ‘Apps’ to Bind or Meet People in Travel

The Best ‘Apps’ to Bind or Meet People in Travel

When you are alone (or single), you only see happy couples. And when you have a partner, you only see single (or single) happy. The fact is that because they have a steady partner, others because they want to meet new people, or because their schedules never match those of your friends, more and more people traveling alone there. Has its advantages: independence, greater freedom to choose or modify the itinerary and the opportunity to meet people and make new friends. These applications can help.

Virtual Tourist(VT)

Insiders (native and foreign residents) and globetrotters from around the world feed with your photos, guides and reviews Virtual Tourist, one of the largest online communities traveling with first-hand information on destinations.


Free application for iOS and Android to meet interesting people (link) from their affinities. It connects Facebook profile of the user and is showing people he could make good friends. When two agree, they can start a conversation in private chat to get to know or to stay. Also you define the range of distance that the user wants to move.

A social network to find people with similar interests and projects near the place of residence and organize meet ups. To practice English while jogging or biking, going to the movies, take a tour of the countryside, mount a musical group, and organize a trip…

Live Clubs

Live clubs is a free mobile application for both Apple and Android, with information on festivals, concerts and promotions 350 nightlife in 17 Spanish cities. Also sharing the position and exchange with other users, similar to Foursquare.
Timpik is A Sports social network, available for free to iOS and Android. Both the website and the app work the same way in which individuals or clubs organize sporting events for people to ascribe to them.


Couchsurfing was born in 2004 to provide free accommodation for backpackers: one day you sleep on the couch of a friend at London who you’ve met online, and another, staying or teach your neighborhood to Australian you have good references. Today it has more than nine million members in 120,000 people worldwide willing to teach you their city. A way of being immersed and free local culture.

The Spanish Meet

The Spanish Meet was born in 2008 to find partners and friends on the Internet and mobile, is free, and has over a million users in Spain and Latin America.
Badoo , established in 2006, is a casual social network aimed at young flirting with 217 million users in 190 countries.


Another app to meet people from Facebook with nearly 160 million users. It is in more than 200 countries and available in 38 languages.


 I teach my language and you show me yours. And by the way we learn languages. Free.
Venakí is a free mobile application that allows location sharing and meet friends.


Foursquare is a platform for interactive mobile with Twitter and Facebook, also acts as a food critic. It allows to consult the opinions and recommendations of friends (and unknown users) on restaurant menus.


 New contacts between 242 million users.
The Traveler is a Spanish travel community with over 250,000 members to find travel companions to anywhere on the planet.

Speed Dating


Young couple in car looking at map on phone

Seven people. Seven minutes per person. Forty-nine minutes that can hopefully change your life. It is the speed dating, a new way to link or to find a related person to go away. Why seven minutes? Because it’s enough to know if someone you care about, and not too if the person in front of you is a bore.

Odd Club

Odd Club has more than a decade offering its members, aged between 30 and 60 years, dinners, cultural outings, parties and legal and psychological counseling. Under the brand Odd Travel, they work well as retail agent.

Singles Travel

Singles Travel was one of the first agencies dedicated to tourists without a partner. Since 2003 organizes exclusive trips and cruises for singles.
Dare just another agency that directs its programming odd, does not consider age limit, but placed the average of its customers between 27 and 50 years. Cruise getaway weekends and theme parties.
Nones was born in 2004 as a social club for single people, separated and widowed. As time has gone on to become one of the major specialized agencies.

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