The 12 Things You Should Never Do In An Airplane

The 12 Things You Should Never Do In An Airplane

Implement this protocol on board and avoid becoming an uncomfortable and unwanted passenger.


Flights can be torture for the misconduct of some passengers.


Some flights may even become a nightmare for the behavior of some passengers who often forget that planes are collective spaces that where they should act with common sense. And although some imprudence or ignorance are responsible, in others it is clearly intentional.


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TRAVEL  experts consulted on those behaviors that should never occur in a plane. Consider this protocol and avoid being that unwanted passenger. (See also What  hostesses hate about passengers) 

1. Do not sit where you are not allowed to. Everyone has his assigned seat (unless it is a low-cost carrier). Some people, knowing their place, are located in another because they prefer aisle or window. And what they do is delay the operation and generate discomfort. If you ‘check in’ via internet or arrive early at the airport, you might have the option to choose a better location.

2. Pay attention.There are those who ignore the crew when they give security recommendations. This information could save your life.

3. Do not remove shoes and socks least. As much as you want to rest, think that perhaps could generate bad odors in the air.

4.There are people who, in addition to the permitted suitcase, carried several packages. And they end up leaving no room for other passengers.

5. While you are entitled to recline your chair, do so in moderation and consideration for the passenger who is behind you. In addition to bother him, it can hurt. At meal times, set your vertical trellis. And do not put the key on the back of your knees forward.  (Read The trap to prevent air recline chair)

6. Do not cut nails nor the lime or paint. Avoid any routine cleaning staff in the cabin.

7. Try with respect to get service from personnel on board. And obey the rules if you even do not agree with them.

8. Turn off your phone when prompted.There are planes that do not allow the use of telephones, even in airplane mode, and yet there are people who grasps.


9. If traveling with babies, notify in advance to be assigned a convenient space. If you are with older children, care for and monitor their behavior: do not allow hitting the front seat or to stand up all the time to play. In this, as in other collective spaces, you have to control the minors.

10. Do not always look to be a friend of the passenger who goes next. Some are determined to strike up a conversation despite signs of disinterest other. If accompanied, avoid talking or laughing very hard.

11. The music you listen or the movie that you are watching, you are only absorbed in that,so use a low volume. The same applies to electronic games.

12. After landing, wait for the plane to stop completely before getting up.Carefully open the compartments: some objects may fall and hit other passengers. And do not strive to be the first out; wait for your turn.


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