Take a Deep Breath of Vitality in These Gorgeous Gardens of Mumbai


You don’t need to constantly spend piles of money on a trek. A champion amongst the most direct and recreational ways to deal with a low is by going out for a walk around a green fenced in area, some place in your neighborhood. So on the off chance that you are in Mumbai, then you ought to realize that the city gloats about various awesome and acclaimed gardens in its domain. So why stay crunched inside the house when you can go out for a walk around a rich green garden in the city of dreams.

If your legs are cramped and tired of the constant sitting time in the Pune to Mumbai taxi, then once you arrive in Mumbai, the best way to banish all these woes is to walk or stretch your body in one of the gardens of this city. Particularly in the mornings, you may even spot one of your most loved stars running right inverse the track to you. How cool, know? So take a look at this rundown of the most attractive gardens of Mumbai–

BPT Gardens

Popularly known as the Sagar Upavan, the Bombay Port Trust gardens are located in Colaba, next to the sea shore. Close to the wholesale fish market of the Sassoon Docks, this greenery fenced in area has gigantic natural wealth. It is a flawless spot for a morning run and various people can be seen strolling around on the running tracks. In any case, you can also take a look at an extensive variety of of trees and birds here.

Kamla Nehru Park

Perched on top of the Malabar Hills, Kamala Nehru Park is fundamentally a vantage point and shows a sweeping viewpoint of the city of Mumbai. Aside from the shoe-shaped structure, where various people trip and position for pictures, this garden can moreover be a lovely spot to contribute some time a long way from the rushing around, by being right in the midst of the city. Kamala Nehru Park is also amongst the most adored spots for youngsters in Mumbai.

Hanging Gardens

Right opposite the Kamala Nehru Park is the Ferozeshah Mehta Gardens which was earlier called the Hanging Gardens. There are various varieties of flowers and plants lined immaculately and innovatively trimmed in the shape of different animals. Presenting an excellent vista of the astounding city, this terraced garden sprawls on the grade of the incline and looks “hanging” or suspended and this is how it was named the “Hanging Gardens”. Various Bollywood flicks have been shot here already.

Victoria Gardens

 Also known as Rani Jijamata Udyaan, the Victoria Gardens is a well-laid out porch nursery in the Byculla area. It was once called Victoria Gardens and many people still know it by the former name. You can also spot a massive clock tower right in the garden premises, which is a reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance craftsmanship. Spread over 48 acres of land area, this place is known for its rich green artificial landscapes. There is a natural zoo here, which houses a couple of animals and fowls.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Earlier called the Borivali National Park, this wildlife haven was initially proposed to be a trademark retreat outside Mumbai. In the midst of the rainy season, this spot awakens with birdsongs all around. Likewise, pretty rivulets run now, where there used to be dry pathways. This prominent garden, or park, whatever you call it, boasts of various birds, animals and of course, a luscious expanse of greenery.

Now, whenever you visit Mumbai, do visit these gorgeous gardens to get that dose of much needed calm and tranquility. Your body and those throbbing nerves would literally thank you afterwards!

Upoma Tabassum

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