Sustainable Tourism as a Choice of Traveling

Sustainable Tourism as a Choice of Traveling

Sustainable tourism is becoming a buzzword in the era of tourism industry. Even travelers are getting conscious on sustainable tourism and they make their choice of travel on analyzing the issues of sustainable tourism of a destination now-a-days. Citizens are getting aware that it is possible to enjoy the holidays, with all its amenities, without making harm to the environment and maintaining respect for the culture and diversity of destinations. The sustainable tourism thus becomes a value on the rise as a criterion of choice of places to visit, although it is not a low cost mode.

52% of travelers around the world says that this year, they would like to choose a holiday destination considering the possibility of reducing the environmental impact or their beneficial activities towards the local community, according to the findings of a survey by 32,000 travelers from 16 countries.

In 2014, only 10% opted for sustainable travel (green, volunteering, and accommodation on a farm or on a camping holiday). In addition, two studies carried out by researchers from the universities of Extremadura and Jaén indicate that tourists are increasingly demanding that destinations are managed sustainably .

Experts say that the price is fair, but it is not clear that its cost is low.

Also Susana Conde, founder of  AGROTRAVEL  Responsible Tourism , one of the travel agencies in Spain as pioneers in this practice, says that more and more travelers who appreciate destinations, restaurants, hotels and other infrastructure are sustainable.

What is sustainable tourism?

 It is often identified with a mode of travelling that respects the environment, but goes further. “It’s not a product or a niche market. It is a philosophy, “Conde said. Clarifies that “one thing is eco-tourism, sustainable tourism that is nature, but all nature tourism is sustainable “.

This form of entertainment promotes a more equitable distribution of tourism revenue. For example, walking can be an unsustainable practice if residues are left even if a little contribution is not the local economy, as consuming a drink in the pub.

Its aim is to promote a more equitable distribution of tourism revenue that benefits the local population and improves its economy. Even an urban destinations you already work in this mode. Cities like New York or Paris offers guidelines for this purpose, and “does not mean that sustainable destinations, but have identified an offer to the traveler looking for this type of tourism,” said Susana Conde.

How do you work these agencies?

They distinguish their product and how they can manage. “We have an environmental management planning, reconciling work and family life. All management of the agency must be consistent with sustainable tourism,” he adds. 

Furthermore, in the contract about prevailing local purchase criteria, as we tried to work with local management and accommodation property, which have sustainability policies; always with local guides. We try to bring travelers to the local reality.”Excluding from its programming to some countries those do not respect human or by the absence of democratic rights movements.

Traveler Profile

In Spain, this type of traveler is still minority. Usually between 35 and 55, the majority is women and enjoy a lifestyle consistent with this philosophy. It is less common among younger, because “sustainable tourism will never be low cost.


Has a fair price, but never low cost, and young people generally do not have sufficient resources, “says the director of AGROTRAVEL, the only receptive travel agency in Spain in this field, says its founder. In this sense, he explained that the foreigners who come to Spain are mostly British, Dutch, German, French, Nordic, American and Canadian. Also stands the Latin American market due to the growth of its strong middle class economy because they are ahead of Spain in this kind of initiatives. They have a medium-high purchasing power and they are well educated.

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