Sustainable Hotels: Wellness and Comfort for Guests?

Sustainable Hotels: Wellness and Comfort for Guests?

There is a significant literature on sustainable tourism in the last decade even tourism and sustainable development to me, makes even more sense, at least if we think that this economic activity can be an instrument for local development and even sometimes at country level.

Speaking of sustainable hotels and perhaps best should speak of sustainable accommodation, it sounds somewhat recently but the truth is that it takes at least 25 years untiring working on this issue, from a point of view that is attractive for owners and managers of establishments.

The idea, that management has long correlate sustainability and good environmental improvements(can be seen in this handbook Ecological improvement for Hotel, 1992, Arturo Crosby) with economic profitability, really made ​​demonstrable figures, which removed doubts on the results that sustainable hotels are profitable, and certainly more profitable, sustainable business thinking is something demonstrable.

De facto, large hotel chains, new tourist resorts, airlines and even some tourist destinations, have taken steps towards sustainability, but with clear economic benefit to its view. If these people have opted for its implementation, be sure that it works regardless of “green-washing “to be added.

There is an unquestioned fact that implies sustainability and competitiveness should also vice versa, because if that does not obtain profitability, could no longer be sustainable.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems for the tourist who wants to position itself in the market as sustainable hotels is the gap or gap between supply and demand not only clearly identify the market niche there and I think they should look at the “green market” (almost exponential growth, with great fidelity and important captive demand) but also because the value chain and the experience offered at the hotel, little or nothing is not identified with the expectations of customers potential, it means that guests generally do not find that differentiating value, which choose this type of accommodation.

It is not betting on a certificate or green mark , after the market not identified, but knowing efficiently communicate the positive results of applying sustainability policies that are positively received by guests.

If you think about ROI (return on investment) positive, we must also know how to invest in those factors, variables and elements that are easily discernible by demand before and after the stay.

If you have clear objectives, it is not difficult to design planning and product design and experience in sustainable hotels, thinking about the elements of the chain of production and value, focusing the welfare and comfort of this potential demand, which should not to pay more, unless you want to consume additional services and products.

With due respect, but the option of not changing towels and the use of recycled paper, they have long ceased to be differentiating attributes for this offer.

Much remains to be done, but it can and must be, because it is a cost-effective accommodation option for both the hotel and for the guest, but you need to apply creative and emotional intelligence.

Amit Kumar

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