Software Innovation for Booking Hotels

Software Innovation for Booking Hotels

Software innovation adds new dimension in the reservation system of tourism industry that also empower a traveler for obtaining the maximum values from his travel experiences. Booking hotels have become more easier like a matter of click than ever before. So, for booking hotels and other establishments of hospitality industry, software innovation is working as a magical tool.

Sabre introduced a software tool to the market presented as “the first digital retail solution” with which “hotels can optimize their channel of direct booking “. Hotels can “maximize revenue of reservations through online channels” and passengers can choose options for a personalized experience hosting, using the new contextual portfolio of the software ” SynXis Booking Engine”, says Sabre.

                         [Sabre creates software for direct booking of hotels]

According to the company’s technology solutions for the travel and tourism sector, “by integrating digital capabilities of online engine for hotel reservation, this new portfolio of software helps to generate a higher conversion rate of visitors to guests.”

The company presented the tool developed for the “road warriors digital channels that have direct access to updated rates, information on availability of rooms and buttons for booking the most visited sections within each site, as ‘specials’ or galleries photos “.

[The Viceroy hotels participated in the pilot test of the new tool.]

“The integration of these contextual features will give guests the option to book a room with sea view, or an exclusive suite, with just a click on the gallery website,” they explained from Sabre in a statement.

Alex Alt, president of Sabre Hospitality Solutions said that, “today, every time a guest visits the website of a hotel, the point of purchase is disconnected from the most popular sections in the online experience, such as galleries or room views”

Viceroy Hotel Group is one of the companies in which pilots have been developed with the new software. According to the software provider, “after several months of testing, online booking engine recorded 20% more hits, and an increase of 10% in sales from sections enabled with these new contextual features.”

“Our ability with Sabre technology, exhibit room rates and availability in real time, just as travelers consult relevant sections, resulting in greater affinity with our brand and our net income for hotels. We plan to implement this functionality in all our websites this year to further optimize the performance of our business, “said Mary Bennett, vice president of digital and commercial agreements Viceroy Hotel Group.

” In the course of 2015 almost 50% of the reserves were generated in digital channels , “said Alex Alt. He also reaffirmed that, “hotels need to maximize the effectivity of their direct distribution channel in a complex and highly competitive digital market.

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