Secrets of Buying Tickets Online Safely

Secrets of Buying Tickets Online Safely


  • It is important to look at the address bar and make sure the image of a padlock and https acronym appears.
  • Wary of offers received by email using supply and hook.
  •  The best way to make sure everything goes well is reviewing periodically the movements of our accounts.


When you buy online we are especially concerned about security. One of the biggest fears is that your credit card data can be stolen and your identity theft can suffer you from purchases on your behalf. To book and pay for holidays online safely -whether from the PC , Mac, laptop, tablet or smartphone – we list a number of pieces of advice, which are given by Nexmo, cloud communications company.


  • Investigate if you do not know the place.
  • If you want to purchase a particular service it is important to do a search Preview
  • See what other users think about the quality of service
  • What possible problems that would have raised them by other users
  • Each and every pros and cons should be studied well every you make any purchase decision.
  • Look for dual authentication filters that most of the shopping services have.

This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises that will help you to acquire a service that really meets your needs. Always double authentication is the best way to check that this is a legitimate service for sale.

Conjugate passwords and codes received in the mobile phone through text messages or voice is the best way to safely perform any purchases on the Internet ahead of the holiday, as it is two elements that only the user knows, such as in the case of the password, or own, as your mobile phone.


This type of filter helps minimize the dangers of identity theft and theft of bank details. Use secure internet connections. Using public Wi-Fi is not usually a good idea to buy, because you may have a third party connected to the same network tracking all its activities with somewhat dubious intentions.

Moreover, when making a transaction on a Web site, it is important to look at the address bar and make sure that the image of a padlock and https acronyms appears at the beginning of the website address.


Beware of any offers received by email that is one of the main weapons used by cybercriminals to bring down their victims into their traps through sending the emails. That is why, especially in prevocational period, which offers stunning used as bait for users to enter their account numbers in fraudulent sites. It is best to never open an email from unknown sender or that we have not requested.

Check the movements of your card.  The best way to make sure everything goes well is reviewing periodically the movements of our accounts. If you detect any movement they have not asked, it is important to contact the bank as soon as possible to cancel the card and take appropriate action.

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