Role of Single Women for Changing the Tourism Industry

Role of Single Women for Changing the Tourism Industry

Single women are the significant role player for making the choice of a destination. And tourism industry is largely dominated by the characteristic, aspect and nature of the single women as they contribute greatly for deciding the way of travel. Euromonitor International notes that Unmarried and childless women with or without existing partner, is one of the niche markets that present more opportunities for the tourism industry. And according to a survey in the US among female tourists, the “not mothers” spend 16 days a year traveling abroad, compared with 10 days for mothers.

“Travel is a passion for women without children, “explains Michelle Grant, an analyst at Euromonitor tourism sector. The tourists “not mothers”(unmarried and childless women) of US travel 16 days a year abroad.

In fact, these women not only travel abroad six days more than the tourists with kids; but also they devote more time to travel within the US, alone or accompanied. Specifically, they enjoy eight days of travel per year in their country, compared to three days for women who have children. And on average, “not mothers” have a tourist spending of $ 471 per person per trip, compared to 292 euros for tourists with children.

These data are based on a survey carried out by market research firm Global DeVries, based on a sample of 1,000 mothers (average age of 37 years) and 1,000 women without children (with an average age of 31 years) on their consumption habits.

Passing of current loyalty programs ;

“Changing demographics mean changing marketing strategies,” recalls Michelle Grant. But interestingly, most of the “not mother” are passing of current loyalty programs offered by tourist companies. The data are:

• 72% do not belong to any program airline frequent traveling (vs 76% of mothers)

• 75% do not belong to any hotel loyalty program (vs 70% of mothers)

• 89% do not belong to a loyalty program rent a car (vs 85% of mothers)

• 92% do not belong to any cruise loyalty program (vs 90% of mothers)

The female demographic changes the tourism industry.


Demographic changes in the US and Europe ;

In June 2012, 41.3% of American women between 15 and 50 years old had no children. On the other hand, 50% of American adults are single, compared to the percentage of 37% recorded in 1976, according to official data compiled by Euromonitor.

Moreover, it is estimated that in Europe about 20% of European childbearing age are not mothers, but only between 2% and 3% is due to reasons of infertility. And in Spain, the Spanish average age of women when they have their first child has risen over the past two decades and currently stands to 32.1 years, according to the INE.

Adapt marketing demographics ;

In any case, as you gain weight, singles demographics, longer segments STANDAR recalls Michelle Grant: “women are traveling alone, friends are traveling in groups, people mix business trips and holidays, and families are no longer defined in the traditional way. “

Therefore, according to Euromonitor analyst, “it is important that the tourism industry monitor these demographic changes and adapt their marketing properly, especially for women, who are continually redefining their roles and relationships. “

As a result of social and demographic changes, the classic marketing strategies are now based on segmenting by age group, marital status and presence of children who lose value. So it requires a deep understanding of the new profiles of traveling and travelers” concludes this expert.

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During the World Travel Market 2013, Euromonitor already advanced the tourism potential of women PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids or working women without children but with nephews and godchildren).

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