Preferred places to flirt in European vacation

Preferred places to flirt in European vacation

Spanish and Italian are most prone to loving summer among all Europeans. The beach is the favorite place for young couples to find love and make flirt.

Summer is the best time to meet people. The vacation on the beach, evenings at nightclubs and an environment outside the studios or offices drives up the partner to have relation although these are often not durable. A study commissioned by the dating app happn reveals that Spain and Italy are the most likely to love summer against French and British European. 

The report has measured the trends followed by Spanish, Italian, French and British when set someone during the months of summer and to bind favorite sites .

The sample has covered a total of 4,006 people of both sexes, both adults under 35 years. By country, the quota has been allocated as follows:

  •  1,010 French,
  • 1,029 British,
  • 976 Spaniards
  • And 991 Italians. 


From the results of the online survey highlights that Spain and Italy are the most prone to accidental relations in summer, with 94 and 91 percent respectively, although nationwide 85 percent of respondents have very clear concept that these romances are temporary and will not last long. What is certain is that Spaniards do not believe in deceiving their partners when they seek one of these relationships. In contrast, 54 percent French and Italians -53 percent-do.

In this respect, between the European participants, the infidelity is contemplated by those below 35 years for those who are above 43 percent and -51 respectively. Being the most faithful women than men although not much difference -48 percent versus 42 percent).



The beach is the favorite spot for younger as it is where the better you can physically see that person for whom one is attracted although only 23 percent of respondents dares to take the step to strike up a conversation in a swimsuit or bikini. Shyness or “what people say” are two of the main reasons for this singular problem when meeting people on the beaches.

17 percent of respondents do not only look at people who attract them, but they made ​​photos and 11 percent use apps like happn to try to talk to them. In this regard, 17% of Spaniards use these specialized applications to connect people, being the pioneers in this system ahead of Italian and British.

The study has established the preferred places to flirt. According to the research, the Italians have their ideal beach preserve, the Spanish enjoy meeting people in clubs and bars, the French do not have a fixed place to develop new relationships while the British flirt with certain reservations.


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