The Most Peculiar Markets in the World

On every trip to a new city there are many places to discover like Monuments, natural, highly recommended restaurants. And oddly enough, the markets should also be on that list. So today we bring this collection with the most unique markets in the world community. Truly you got amazed;

Dammnoen Saduak Floating Market

“The market of Damnoen Saduak is situated about 100 kilometers southwest of Bangkok. It is a maze of narrow channels or khlongs. The traders are mostly women and most of them dressed in traditional blue shirts farmer or mobon and conical hats and rowing small wooden boats. Fresh food products come directly from the farms. “That’s what Roberto Gonzalez discovered in 2010 when was this curious Thai floating market. It is one of the most original in the world.

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

It is a very nice market but the fact that Tsukiji (Tokyo ) is the fish market and products in the world’s largest sea give a curious twist. It opens every day at 3 am on Sundays-the-less although most of the activities occur about 9 am. It is very interesting to see how the deals and buying fresh fish among traders which are made.

 Market Oaxaca, Mexico

Some information comes from paulinette, “The market for Oaxaca in the state of the same name. It has the distinction of being the first market of low DF toward Chiapas who knows a culture. The features, products, everything is very different from the colonial Puebla or the cities of the coast.”

It’s a real market for Mexico that has remained exactly the same for years with his peculiar smells and colors. If the value is not more trying to grasshoppers, crickets will fry and season with lemon and salt.

 Mercado de San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Though it is started as a grocery market over the years, it has been incorporated also antique shops and second-hand things and curious flea market. It is located in the neighborhood of the same name in Buenos Aires especially striking not only for shopping but also for the curious building. It is made ​​of wrought iron work of architect of Juan Antonio Buschiazzo.

Merkato in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Besides being a market, it has no longer in many places; the Merkato in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia ) is also the largest in Africa. Here it is established in haggling. You can see when buying anything from a living animal food or clothing. It is formed every day of the week in the center of the city and Alfonso Navarro says, “Allow us to know a little more the culture and way of life of the Ethiopian people.”

Mercado Östermalms Saluhall, Estocolmo, Sweden

In the capital of Sweden, the market of Östermalms Saluhall is unique for two reasons. The first reason is that it has been opening since 1888. It remains a benchmark for its inhabitants and tourists who come to know him. And the second reason is that you can find everything from typical products of the country such as reindeer meat or salmon. There is a restaurant where you can taste these gastronomic specialties and elaborate.

 Flower Market, Amsterdam

One of the most original and famous all over the markets is the Flower Market of Amsterdam. While most the flower is tulip (could be nothing). The fact is that the market has a variety of colors, types and flavors that give charm to the center of the city. Flower lovers have their paradise here.

Nasch market Vienna

We are in the most important street market in Vienna with 1.5 kilometers. Because it was known as exist back in the sixteenth century. The place has changed a lot. Before, it was just a market to buy milk. But over time vegetable and fruit stalls were opened. There are now even food already prepared, specialties of the country and some other post of clothing and footwear. It is open every Saturday of the year.

 La Boqueria market

Clearly he could not miss the La Boqueria which is famous almost everywhere in the world. It is the most important market and scenic in Barcelona. And only because of its location on the Rambla , the market receives every day thousands of people who want to see and buy local and exotic products in more than 300 stalls. Thus since 1836, La Boqueria has become a mandatory and very representative of the city and around Catalonia corner.
El Rastro, Madrid

Next to the La Boqueria, it is The Trail of Madrid. The street market of every Sunday curious visitors looks for anything or tourists who want to know the essence of Madrid.

Antiques, books, clothes, music and even animals are sold here in the more than 3,500. These positions have been joined since 1760 when it was just a small market of second-hand objects. If you enjoyed this collection with the most unique markets in the world, you do not miss your travel for shopping there.

Ayon Dutta

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