Nine Ways to Become a Better Person on your flight

Nine Ways to Become a Better Person on your flight

your flight is the integral part of your journey which can be either most memorable experience or a worst one for many reasons. Either during a weekday or weekend with more displacement of the year, flying can be a terrible experience. There are simple ways to make the trip better which are summarized in a classic golden rule. Another way is to treat others that you expect from others too. Unfortunately, there are people who have trouble to remember those. Here’s a little reminder for them.

Remember that you are not alone in suffering the hardships in seat

You have to remember that you are not the only passenger of the flight and all people are suffering the same problem as like you if there is really any problem. Don’t consider everything on your own perspective.

In your flight, Always be sympathetic to others

Try to be sympathetic to the knees of the passenger who is behind you.

The hostesses are people, not personal assistants

Yes, they serve drinks and offer their help. But above all, they deserve the utmost respect.


The odorous food bothers everyone

If you can smell your tuna sandwich, probably the next time he will be tortured.

Not everyone will want to hear you talk

Have a good story that you want to share? Go ahead, but please, do not read loudly. Especially when you fly at night, the other passengers will try to sleep.

Nor want them to hear your film or your music

Put on your headphones and keep the volume within reasonable limits.


No sensitive discussion

There is no discussion that is worth. Any of your sensitive discussions might hurt others should be avoided in your flight as all people around you in the flight dont possess the same ideology. So, religious, political and racial issues should be avoided to discuss while you are traveling in your flight. 

Do not be angry with the baby crying

If he cries for a reason, so do not make it worse yelling at him or his parents. Surely there are more exhausted than you have.

Remember that everyone tries to reach destination

You’re not only in the center of the universe (or the aircraft), there is other people also waiting on for the purpose of reaching their destination. So you must have consider the situation in your flight.

Ayon Dutta

Ayon is a creative a guy who is a travel freak. He loves to explore the world around him and besides pursuing his graduation from University of Dhaka, he is working as a content ninja for Travelindream

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