Nepal is to succeed after falling tourism 32%

Nepal received about 539,000 tourists in 2015, 32% less than the previous year and the lowest figure in the last six years. The drop in tourism due to the earthquake last April but also to a lock on the border with India in the wake of violent protests in the area.

Thus, the Himalayan country recorded last year some 251,000 visitors less than in 2014, although the Government had estimated a loss of about 300,000 tourists by the quake, according to the Immigration Department provided Efe.

Problem on the border with India hinder the recovery destination

Tourist arrivals ranged from 17,000 to 23,000 during the three months following the earthquake, compared with an average of 50,000 per month recorded in the same period last year. The deputy secretary of the Nepali Ministry of Tourism Shapkota Shadhu Ram told Efe that from May onwards there was a “sharp” fall due to the earthquake, but stressed that “not having any problems at the border,” the flow of tourists already ” He would have recovered “at this point.

” From hotel reservations to tour operators, everyone is bleeding . It’s been hard to bear for tourism entrepreneurs, “he said, for his part, told Efe the president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Nepal Pashupati Murarka . See also Nepal tourism monuments reopened after the earthquake.

Said spokesman said that tourism is one of the sectors hardest hit by the quake of April, although he predicted a gradual improvement of the situation. The main employer in the country stood at 10,000 billion losses caused by the earthquake and the blockade of the border only until October.

Hiking and mountaineering are the main activities that Nepal offers.9,000 deaths from the earthquake in April

Around 9,000 people died as a result of the April earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, which also left more than 20,000 wounded, nearly one million damaged or destroyed buildings and desolate from the economic point of view for the country scene.

After the earthquake of April 25, it confirmed the death of a Spanish tourist in Nepal as long as six Spaniards who were hiking in the area were reported missing. In June found the bodies of two of them. Moreover, four months there have been violent protests in the southern Terai region against the new Constitution, which caused at least 55 deaths.

Following the promulgation of the Constitution, the protests have intensified with the Indian border blockade that caused huge losses to the Himalayan nation, lost for this reason in a serious fuel crisis and which also other scarce commodities.

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