28 Necessary Travel Hacks for Frequent Flyers

28 Necessary Travel Hacks for Frequent Flyers

Before planning that travel to your next tourist attraction spot or for business, these travel hacks will help in getting you the best upgrades and in making your trips smooth, safe and easier especially if you are a frequent traveler.

  1. In Booking flights, two different one-way flights are better

Most travelers prefer booking a round way trip to their travel destinations, but even in trip advisor, it is advisable to book different one-way flights in different airlines if possible so that you can get the best arrival and destination times that would better suit you. Kayak, a flight booking site can do this for you or you could check online for different flight websites that can mix and match flights for you to get better departure and arrival times to that tourist attractions.

  1. Book from another area to get discounted fares

This doesn’t mean travelling to book from another area but where a ticket is purchased from can affect its price. this is called “regional pricing”, and if you happen to be in an area with higher standard of living, the travel fares are bound to be higher than those flights booked from a country with a lower standard of living. According to some travel industry analysts and travel channel it is easier and cheaper to book from an international carrier’s website by changing your “residence” to the airlines home country. Websites like Expedia.com and Expedia.co.jp the Japanese version can give you different ticket prices but you will be seeing the fares amount in foreign currency so you have to convert them into your currency to know how much you are paying.

  1. Understand code share agreement

Code share agreement is often common between airlines and is an agreement between air carriers whereby the airline operating a given flight allows other air carriers to market and sell tickets as if it were their own flight. So as a frequent traveler to tourist attractions in different parts of the world, some flight partnership will offer the same mileage while others will calculate based on flight fare paid.

  1. Avoid booking US flights

When travelling, according to reviews on trip advisor and travel channel tips, booking non-US airlines can get you better amenities even in economy seats.

  1. TSA PreCheck or Global Entry programs are necessary

If you are a frequent traveler to various tourists attractions then this programs are necessary in saving time waiting on excruciating long lines at the airport. They are pre-approvals from US customs and Border protection that indicates you are a low risk traveller.Global entry which costs $100 makes returning from your travel destination easier while TSA Precheck ($85) makes domestic travelling simple in the US avoiding long queues, without removing your belt, shoes etc.as long as you are not a convicted criminal, you can get them after a quick in person interview and some light paperwork.

  1. You have 24-hour window period for a refund!

Generally you can cancel a booking 24 hours before a flight even in non refundable flights, so you can book a flight and if you get a better rate you can cancel or rebook plus another option is to put your airfare on hold on carriers like Virgin America, Southwest and American airlines where they have 24-hour hold services, or other options like United has something called” Farelock” which allows you to wait for a week before booking and starts at $6.99 and “Options away” which can hold your flights for up to three weeks for $4-$45.

  1. Clear your Search history and cookies

Clearing your cookies and search history instead of refreshing a window multiple times is a safer bet on getting a cheaper flight to that tourist attraction. Refreshing multiple times might actually make the price go up as it changes based on demand.

  1. Book Economy ticket with a Y or B code to get Upgrades

You can get complimentary upgrades if you request an upgrade with a Y or B code when booking your ticket. Basically this privilege is given to loyal customers and frequent fliers. This means should they be any open seats in the next class up, you would get a complimentary upgrade.

  1. Get you airlines Mobile Apps

Some airlines have invested huge amount of money in developing apps so downloading your airlines apps is sure to give you more information on delays or gate changes and it allows for paperless boarding at most airports, it also puts your mind at ease when hitting up those  express Spas seen on travel channel.

  1. Get a cab easily from the departure zone

This is one of the widely known travel hacks. Most tourist attractions have queues in getting cabs at the arrival zone, in order to avoid that, go to the departure zone where cabs are dropping passengers at the airport and you will be able to get one easily. Again this depends on the terminal set up and might not work in all airports.

  1. Call abroad for free

This is possible in some travel attraction spots by using Wi-Fi to Skype, Google Voice or the hangout app. so buy a Local SIM or you can get 120MB on ATT for $30.

  1. Reduce jetlag by eating right

Laying off caffeine and booze because of their dehydration can help you in minimizing jetlag. The food you eat also matters as heavily processed food served on the plane can also dehydrate you so in order to adjust your circadian rhythm when visiting those tourist attraction spots, eat healthy snacks or foods high in protein.

  1. The right sleep can make a lot of difference

Jetlag usually takes one or one and a half days to adapt your body system to the time zone crossed when travelling east or west. Sleeping right can help in cutting down your recovery time by programming your body to sleep and eat closer to those at your destination. You can find reviews on the time zones and people of the place you are visiting on trip advisor.

  1. Get free Stopovers and see extra cities Free

Some airlines offer free stopovers meaning you can visit an extra city or two without buying extra tickets; you should take advantage of this by checking the airlines website to find out about their stopovers and find out places to see on travel channel if any.

  1. Order special meal on board

This is especially true if it’s kosher or vegetarian; you will most likely be served first and can go to sleep earlier without waiting for full dinner. Plus those special meals are healthier.

  1. Save money on Internet fees

It’s known that roaming charges and in-flight Internet fees are expensive in tourist attractions therefore using Boingo or American Express platinum card where you can get free Boingo subscription is always better.Boingo,a Wi-Fi Hotspot provider has worldwide coverage and  ranges in cost between $4.98 to $59 a month.

  1. Choose the best credit card

Choose what’s most important to you on your vacation to tourist attractions or business trips. Chase sapphire preferred card is one of the best travel credit cards gives a lot of travel perks like it waivers foreign transaction fees, offers sign up bonus of $40000 points when you spend $4000 on purchases in the first three months of opening an account, 20% off when you redeem points for airfare and other travel perks. Its annual fee is $95.

  1. Get into the airport Lounge

Some airports sell daily passes, allowing you to pay to access them although they can be quite pricey. You can check your credit card to see if you have lounge access for free. American express platinum card gets you into Delta and centurion lounges, or you can get a priority pass which gives you access to 700 lounges around the world for $99-$399 a year. Or finally you can be loyal to an airline and attain Elite status to enjoy such privileges.

  1. Achieving Elite status faster

If you are a frequent flier to various tourist attractions you can get elite status faster is by collecting miles as a loyal passenger on lesser known airlines like Aegean Airlines which gives you the same Elite status for fewer miles flown.

  1. Volunteer to get bumped off a flight

If you are not in a hurry and don’t mind waiting for the next flight, being bumped off might not be such a bad idea. you can volunteer to get bumped off to get compensation and extra money.try to negotiate your compensation to get the best deals that said also avoid being stranded at the airport by making sure you are certain to get a seat on the next flight and you don’t miss your flight that day

  1. Choose a Boeing 767

If you have to choose between two flights, a Boeing 767 is a better option as it has fewer of the dreaded middle seats than any other planes. You can also check seatguru.com which gives up-to-date information on seating charts for every flight to that business destination or tourist attraction.

  1. Have an extra set of your electronics ready

It is easier and more organized to have an extra set of cables, chargers, batteries packed in a water resistant zippered bag making them easy to find, decipher and safe from spills

  1. Choose one color Scheme clothing

Choosing one color scheme preferably dark makes it easier to match, put together as outfits and hide stains.

  1. Roll clothing up and squeeze air out of them

This is one of the best packing tips when travelling. You can roll up clothes to minimize wrinkling and maximize space instead of folding them then use space-compressible plastic bags to get excess air off the clothes or you could pack them in tissue paper on plastic dry cleaner bags to prevent wrinkles.

  1. Pack a squishy bag

Having a soft bag that can be put easily in the overhead bin means it can be allowed to go on board with you.

  1. Have a ready bag of your essentials

It’s better to keep a ready bag of your toiletries and favorite items in friendly 3.4 ounce bottles so that they are available once you are ready to leave and you don’t need to think about what you need. You can also get some of your products online for free travel-sized toiletries.

  1. Pack shoes at the bottom of travelling bag

This will help to balance the bag by putting the heaviest at the bottom near the wheels of your suitcase. It also helps to prevent tipping over while you are rushing to the gate to your travel destination.

  1. Create more space with your shoes

According to reviews and packing tips on trip advisor, you can put your socks inside your shoes to create more space inside your box and preserve your shoes shape inside the suitcase.

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