Nature Tourism Recorded 8,000 Million Visits A Year

Nature Tourism Recorded 8,000 Million Visits A Year

Nature tourism is the most vital segment of the tourism industry where traveler still fond of visiting natural attractions and still they seek for some traveling experiences that is close to nature for pacifying and purifying the mind and soul of travel enthusiastic person.

A tourist spending a year of 527,800 M € is estimated worldwide

The national parks of the world and nature reserves are 8.000 million visits per year, according to the first global study of nature tourism in protected areas. It was conducted by researchers at Cambridge, Princeton, New Jersey and Washington and published in PLoS Biology.

The study’s authors argue that this number of visits could generate up to 527,800 million euros in tourist spending per year, a great economic benefit far exceeding the 8,800 million euros invested in safeguarding these sites each year.

Scientists and conservation experts describe the current global spending on protected areas as “totally inadequate” and asked that greater investment in maintenance and expansion of protected areas is used.

According to defends of the study’s lead author, Professor Andrew Balmford, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, UK, protected areas “give us untold benefits: from global climate stabilization and regulation of water flows to the protection of untold numbers of species. “

“We have now shown that nature tourism  reserves contribute greatly to the global economy. However, many are being degraded by encroachment and illegal harvesting, and some are being lost completely. It’s time for governments to invest suitably protected areas “, he claims.

Dr Andrea Manica, also of Cambridge, says that the study shows rough estimates based on limited data, so researchers have been careful not to exaggerate.

“These are conservative estimates. The visitation rates tend to be higher than the 8,000 million a year and there is no doubt that we are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars annually from tourism, “he says. Visitors board a bus that will conduct a guided by a National Park, Utah, and United States route.

The database consists of numbers of visits to 550 sites worldwide, which were then used to build equations that could predict rates of visits over 140,000 protected areas according to their size, remoteness, national income and so on.

Visitation rates were highest in North America, where protected areas are a combined total of over 3,000 million visits per year and the lowest in Africa, where many countries have fewer than 100,000 visitors a year to protected areas.

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