My steps to Find the Best Hotels in London

My steps to Find the Best Hotels in London

Few weeks ago I was in the city of London  for family holiday . Preparing for the trip, this time I deserved a little more detail because of taking my daughters and being responsible for them. Within the pack of mother and “travel expert” comes including the daily question: “Where will we sleep, Mommy?”

Cheap Hotel in London

Usually when I travel alone, I usually leave the accommodation booking to the last minute if not in few opportunities for various reasons I had to change dates, reorder points of a route or even cancel a stay somewhere. But when you travel with your children, you cannot improvise or leave things to the last minute.

One reason is that if you are traveling with teenagers, like me, they will push to have details of the issue, which when they are small they do not care. They are part of team and not mere companions. Already in deciding when to travel. Because your teens have their own agenda and set the date of travel that must meander between the dates of your labor holidays and birthdays of her friends, concerts and various events of interest.

Find the Best Hotels in London

Where to begin? My advice is do not dizzy. Take it easy. Sea London, New York, Buenos Aires and Berlin, when it comes to find the best hotel in a big city, within your expectations and pocket looking information and do not overwhelm.

My steps to get proper hotel:

When we speak of a big city, there will be hotels in its four cardinal points, most central and most remote. And there will always be alternatives for every pocket. In my case: zone Queensway / Notting Hill because it is accessible, near parks, well connected to public transport, many different choices of food and comes off easily from the airport by public transport and do not depend on taxi.

Ask yourself your budget for accommodation:

This will give you a framework of possibilities. Do not be too strict, keep in mind that sometimes it is necessary to stretch a little to get the best option. Consider the issue of extras that can swell the bill at the time of checkout. You know if you and your family usually consumed payment service hotel. In my case: a triple and raise your budget and also restricts your chances because many hotels do not have this type of rooms. In addition, knowing that because London will pay a little more, we decided to save a little on the price per night and stay a couple of extra nights.

Define your expectations

Clearly define your expectations about what you ask the hotel. In the same area, on the same street, you can have a luxury hotel and a simple hostel. Do not pretend to find in the second giving you the first. Remember the point concerning the budget and your possibilities. It sounds simple, but if you decide to sacrifice air conditioning for a better location, within your budget, but make your decision assumes 35 degrees … or do a upgradeand pay the difference. In my case clearly we knew what we were willing to give up . Less amenities, design, rooms, spa, pool, and even room size, after staying at the place we wanted and more time.

 Search hotel by your chosen area

With the budget you have and learn the characteristics of the proposed hotels to see if they meet your minimum. Today it is simple. There are many seekers of services that allow searches by criteria that you determine yourself :


by location,

by price,

by opinions

or by several criteria at once.

In my case: I acknowledge that on this last point I stopped a lot. I like to delve into the websites of hotels and even discover some or new services they already know. So I spent a lot of time wandering seekers “friends” with whom ground work for flights and hotels and I got into a ” new to me ” I found very complete, simple and visually beautiful (yes, me “hooked” the tastefully designed).

I was pulling my lifetime experience as a travel agent, a little smell and enough patience ( and a little luck or recklessness, depending how you look ), I chose three among the many accommodations the chosen area. The three who met location + price + service.

Opinion of Other Travelers 

Then I went to get the opinions of other travelers who had passed through these three who passed the first screening. Luckily it is very easy to find reviews and ratings Guest rating and communities booking sites. Reading these opinions has its alienating point: good read, but not good to tie them because you never have information of all conditions surrounding the stay, or tastes or personal experience ( or interest ) who believes. Amid opinions of all kinds, a new screen is imposed to stay with the general, instead of worrying if 1 in 89 guests felt, they failed to change the sheets one day.

The Final Suitable One

In the end,  there was a “winner” and choose one of the “finalists”. Old white Victorian house front, front ladder, spasmodic tiny rooms and air conditioning: the Leisure Inn, but excellently located at our discretion, between the stations of underground Bayswater and Lancaster Gate, with bus stop 50 meters, and 70 meters Kensington Gardens was our “playground” daily. And I will make you my review of the hotel in a future post.

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