Luxury Travel : The Fastest Growing Segment in Worldwide

Luxury Travel : The Fastest Growing Segment in Worldwide

Luxury tourism amounted to 46 million international trips per year

 Over the past five years, luxury tourism has been a focal point. Luxury tourism has exploded   high-end travel which is the fastest growing segment worldwide.With a cumulative growth of 48% in five years, from 2010-2014, luxury tourism has grown twice the total international travel which increased by 24% over the same period.

The 46 million international luxury travel made ​​in 2014 represents  4.6% of the global share compared with 3.9% five years ago.

spa and wellbeing

A luxury spa hotel in Thailand. 

The tourism markets are major luxury  market in United States (9.2 million international trips last year), followed by China (6.9 million). In Europe, it highlights the UK (1.5 million), ahead of France and Germany .

The source markets recorded the highest growth rates in international luxury travel for 2014 covering  China, USA, Canada, Taiwan, Korea and UAE.

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