Imagine visiting a friend who lives in London and for some strange combination of stars it has decided to share some of his insider knowledge with you. This is what you will go through the whole story.

Eight million souls, some in pain, have chosen London to live, which makes it the most populous capital of Europe. The Londoners, native or adoption, are distinguished from the rest of human wildlife by rapid walking and apparent apathy to everything that a newcomer will attract attention. For his first major obsession is not look like a tourist. Never. So a true Londoner will never lead to Piccadilly Circus. Your obligation is sabérselas all, out of the most common routes and discover the extraordinary day in the city. They are the guardians of the art, the best collectors of unique experiences. This is your bible: London 25 things to know only if you live there.


1. The Rain is Legend

Statistically it rains more in Brussels and Rome, also it is also a common fact that London, who tired of complaining and listen as others complain time, release him occasionally for degreasing. Yet often carry a hidden bag and listen avidly almost unhealthy daily forecast umbrella. Of course, when the sun do not count on them. Basking under the Lloyds building Oddly enough, also comes the sun.

2. Grab an Oyster Card

Never mind that your visit is lightning. Public transport prices are prohibitive, even for them, so the Oyster Card must be your best friend from the beginning of the trip. Without it, your rate is doubled and are not times for useless expenditure.

3. The Metro

Almost a second home for Londoners, which move through the ground like fish in water. Attentive to your behavior: is penalized go very slowly, suddenly stand, amazed or put yourself on the left side of the escalator. Furthermore, according to an unwritten rule, the only time you can speak up or make eye contact with your peers is that when you’re drunk curiously not as frowned upon.

Some things you have to do: take the longest staircase in Angel Station (60 meters); at the ceiling of Sloane Square (you see the tunnel that carries water from the Westbourne River); see how the pigeons are cast in Hammersmith Station; observe Hitchcock mosaics dedicated to Leytonstone station; not mount any number when you see mice (it is normal).

London MetroLondon Metro

Photo: Flickr

Victoria Station: The subway unwritten rules: do not stop

4. Minicab my friend

Black Cabs- the black cabs are favorites of the Londoners, because they are much more drawn randomly and their customers know where they apparently selected. But sooner or later everyone has to opt for a minicab, these taxis second driven mostly by immigrants who barely understand the direction. This linguistic misunderstanding increases the chances of human interaction but often must agree on the price beforehand and all is advisable to know where you are going, or they will be at the mercy of the benefits of GPS.

5. Grab a bike

It is much cheaper and cooler than conventional transport and all Londoners like to boast of athletes concerned about the environment. Thanks to Barclays who have become fashionable Boris bikes, some nice blue bike rental you can enjoy for 24 hours for per two pounds. Remember that are perfect for short trips because the first half hour is free.


London Bikes

Photo: Flickr

Bike, London wins Bike, London wins

6. The fog was actually pollution

A shame if you are an incurable romantic and still in love with the famous postcard foggy London, but the reality is irreducible. It was not fog, it was suspended coal dust that used almost everything in the city as fuel, including fireplaces. One afternoon in 1952 became so strong that the theater Sadler’s Wells had to interrupt its function because the fog slipped on stage. That said, London, like any other city, is subject to the weather, so it can catch you a day when you cannot see the tip of the nose. If so, try getting caught under cover.

Rain Rain Or rather, pollution?


7. Harrods substances sold…

The legendary Harrods, those which purchase the queen, sold some exciting substance so until 1916.

8. Weirdos buildings obscure origins

The smallest house in the city is very close to Marble Arch, right in front of the Serpentine, the small lake in Hyde Park. You’ll find it at 10 Hyde Park Place, and as you can see, just a meter wide. Apparently its existence reflects the interest of the authorities to prevent theft of corpses from nearby cemetery of St. George, a widespread practice beyond 1805. The house acted as a shield because they had not yet invented the mini-story.

The smallest house in London The smallest house in London

9. Tower Bridge, censured

The top of the famous Tower Bridge was open to the public until 1910. Then the authorities closed because they had become the favorite spot for prostitutes to capture their customers.

10. Mass executions

If you like gory details remember that at the junction between Marble Arch and Edgware Road a plaque commemorating the Tyburn Tree, where over the centuries 50,000 executions were held.

11. The last execution in the Tower of London

Although the imposing building take you to travel through time and hassle you visualize a medieval scenario you should know that the last execution is not done so far. The unfortunate protagonist was the German spy Josef Jakobs, executed in 1941, during the Second World War.

Tower of London

The Tower of London, full of gruesome stories and bloody Tower of London, full of gruesome and bloody stories

12. What lies underground?

Incredible but true. Throughout the years the excavations in London have proved an endless source of surprises. Among the animal bones found include a crocodile in Islington, a mammoth in King’s Cross and a hippo in Trafalgar Square.

13. Enjoy the view from St. Paul Cathedral

There are many places to enjoy good views of London, but who find climbing the 530 steps of the Cathedral of St. Paul are less taken over by tourists. So a good Londoner choose without hesitation the whispering gallery when you want to think without altercations.

14. Very British Gestures

When we say that Britain is the oldest democracy in the world also we spoke of his gestures. Here is a very curious. In 1950 anyone could call the Prime Minister Winston Churchill, phone number appeared in the phone book.

15. The timeliness of Big Ben is not infallible

Comfort in knowing that they can also be delayed. And, for the most absurd reasons. In 1995, a flock of starlings perched on the minute hand of the famous clock of the Houses of Parliament and delayed the hour 5 minutes.


16. Discover a secret room in Soho

This has much curiosity because if you think Soho is the busiest, sought and exploited public area of ​​the whole city. So get a meal in a secret room is not without its charm. At number 29 Greek St’ll find a pub that through a narrow staircase offers you the chance to enjoy a meal in complete privacy.

17. Experience an authentic tea ceremony in the Notting Hill

In the tea room Teanamu, enjoy all the ritual and what is better learn to play it. Also you can choose the tea that suits your mood and undoubtedly after the experience will leave a lot more relaxed.

18. Chair first

If you want to go to the movies in style nothing like tasting at The Everyman Hampstead. You will have a sumptuous velvet armchair and you can order a la carte what you most want.

19. Enjoy a concert at Union Chapel

This former chapel has been recently voted as the best London club to listen live concerts. And yes, it is indeed a unique setting. Although it has its small disadvantages: you cannot consume alcoholic beverages outside a restricted area, but enjoy a concert drinking tea is the coolest thing can happen. Especially if you like tell about it.

20. Disconnect channels

Channels are a paradise if you want to fall in love with calm. The water relaxes and entertains views. The route starts in Little Venice and Camden Town takes you to the Regent Canal is memorable and if you want to complete the experience you can stop at the zoo and take the morning. If you are more the work of giving you a good lunch try The Summerhouse, an open secret among gourmets.

21. Honor parks

Do not hesitate, as soon as a sunbeam, despelótate and hit the first park you pilles. Only then will you prove yourself a true Londoner. Better if your shorts are branded, of course. The truth is that the weather is so miserable, the heat seems to come straight to the heart and these public spaces together a lot. Then you will discover that the inhabitants of the city are much more friendly and chisposos when jalean in a park.


22. Get yourself a copy of A to Z

Tt is essential. You can carry in your hand or bag, and drop just like that when they’re about to look at you as a tourist. His impression changed in seconds, you can check. If the A to Z is the ultimate proof that you live in London and therefore do not have to know the name of its more than 20,000 addresses.

23. Do not stare at you with open mouth

Whether it takes a cage on his head or that you will not see the lips because of the piercings. That is not done. You’ve seen it before and no surprises.

24. Here comes Thursday

The weekend is to dine with friends, shopping, shave, or stroll through the exhibition of the moment. But if you want to live side by side with London in the trendiest restaurants and clubs in major cities, you have to leave on Thursday. Thursday seems that tourists gives them to leave before the hotel.

25. Do not hit with names

They are there to hook you, to make your experience that much more interesting. A challenge to go. Look no logic because they do not. And do not try to get to Gloucester Road pronouncing Glo-u-ces-ter. Nobody will understand you and you will look with face pain for wasting your precious time. In London everybody is in a hurry and time is money. Glouster point and it says. Just as Greenwich, if you feel like going to see the meridian. Greeeenich. It is done. Sharpens the ear or ask your friend Londoner give you some clues to not embarrass him in public. Do not give more laps.

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