Last Minute Booking by Mobile Phone

Last Minute Booking by Mobile Phone

Last Minute Booking of  hotels and airlines are the common trend of the travelers. But booking at the last minute by using mobile phone has recently been increased remarkably. Mobile phones can be used to book hotels at the last minute. Spontaneous reservations without advance is becoming a popular and creative business. The widespread use of mobile applications is favoring a strong momentum of late bookings. The operators know this and are taking positions in this succulent niche. The entry of is notable with Booking Nowcambia stage.

The ubiquitous mobile is changing our habits in all aspects of life and hotel reservations were not to be freed from that impact. According to data collected by, almost half of hotel reservations in the whole world has been made through a mobile device in advance in almost 24 hours every day; a percentage that in some markets is even higher.

It provides customers a lot of comfort & reduces the tension about hotel reservations. It also provides them with a trend of leisure in travel and business, especially among Millennials. Experts predict this year will be “the year of their last-minute booking”, especially after the arrival of the giant Booking on the scene.

As notes a study by Priceline in the US market, the booking of hotel directly & on spot in advance for travel is not preferred in 2015 by most tourists. About 73% of sample of study say that they will choose this option (mobile booking) in the upcoming months to avoid advance spot booking.

This new trend in the habits of tourists has benefited from cities such as Madrid, Berlin and Barcelona, which have seen increased popularity as destinations last minute; while Zurich, Dublin and Ginebrason which they are at the tail of the ranking among the favorite for a spontaneous getaway. Moreover, young people say that, they are in favor with last minute booking, according to public HOSTELTUR tourism news in ‘ The Millennials drive last minute bookings ‘.

For the European customer, as revealed in Hotel Tonight report on the behavior of more than 10.5 million users of its implementation, comfortable and reliable looking hotel are reserved prior to 15 hours, though this varies nation to nation . The average price ranges from 66 euros per night during the week in Germany and 105 in France. (See: ” How is the European traveler who book last minute hotel ‘).


In five years mobile will cause new habits now and reach to imagine, according to Darren Huston, president and CEO of Priceline Group. Image Shutterstock

Highly competitive market ; As the segment last minute purchase has been discovering its potential applications, they have been creating crowd to cram the market. Therefore experts say that apps are the key to survival.

Different companies are adopting new payment technologies such as apple pay to sign como or Touch ID, in order to facilitate the booking process through mobile. Experts believe that both are essential because all those certainly will favor impulse purchases. Secondly, but no less important in the era of wearables, they must be compatible with Android Wear and Apple Watch.
(See for details: “ Apple wants to revolutionize tourism “).

But some experts are also taking a look ahead in 2015, when partnerships will develop weight to improve the image and brand concept. Know your target applications used will be critical to building sustainable branding exercises.

The companies that have positioned themselves as ‘mobile-first’ enjoy a big advantage to attract its model to millennials, who are more inclined to use their mobile device to make your reservation. To encourage, it must upgrade its mobile experience, providing search and allowing the closing of the transaction with a single touch.

In addition to improving the payment process to make it more fluid, apps should focus all their fidelity to their target audience to differentiate themselves from competitors efforts. And it is what millennials will become in the near future in the essential demographic, which however is difficult to retain.

So companies in all sectors are investing to win them, creating brand hotels that match your profile and eminently technological Airlines airport lounges. All these things are to improve their experience and thus achieve their loyalty.

Booking Now vs. Hotel Tonight has entered the market late bookings backed by the 600,000 properties in its inventory spread over 200 countries, ‘says its millions of customers with more than 42 million reviews from users-and their availability in 42 languages. Booking Now that comes to compete with startups like HotelTonight, which has been one of the early leaders in this segment and has raised $ 80 million (75 million euros) from the beginning of its operations in 2010, as revealed by

The giant has thus adopted an idea that has been tested by a smaller competitor and is now going to move that functionality on a large scale, so it is possible that these startups can not keep up. Of course, there are still reasons why consumers continue to rely on small companies, they can offer them an experience more personalized customer service. However, market demand has the greatest offer which is the one who usually wins.

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