How Passengers will be tracked at Airports

How Passengers will be tracked at Airports

Airports and airlines may continue to track travelers through application.

The new tool will monitor the movements of passengers. As if there were few instances of control at airports, passengers will soon be tracked step by step, from the moment they arrive at the terminal, through their mobile phones.

Airport Helsinki (Finland) will become later this year in the world’s first track to help passengers during their journey. Since coming to airport parking in and check-in, in the shops and to the gates boarding, the new tool launched by the terminal operator, Finavia will continue the flow of its travelers.

As explained by Finavia, Walkbase was the firm responsible for developing the technology for this system. Specifically, throughout the airport 300 small devices through an application voluntarily installed by Travelers that will track the location of users who leave the option open Wi-Fi will be installed. The aim of this initiative, which is expected to join between 60 and 70 percent of travelers, it is to facilitate the travel experience as well as to detect possible crowds in stores or security checks.


They also expect that in the future, this system benefits the passengers about their flight data or tastes; for example, reporting a change in the departure time or offers shops.

What about privacy?

Regarding concerns that may arise by the data privacy or security of information sharing, Finavia says that the interaction with mobile phones are not included with the storage of any personal information.

“All walkbase technology has been developed under strict safety standards,” said Tuomas Wuoti, CEO of the technology company. He added that the system can not see or store any user data from your device. The system uses iBeacons systems and routers, wireless network, to collect unique identification numbers (or MAC address), and does so only devices that have wireless network enabled.


Meanwhile, EasyJet airline is testing similar technology in Gatwick and Luton in London and Charles de Gaulle in Paris. The company began installing devices in luggage delivery sites and security areas. The application of EasyJet also uses technology to alert passengers should prepare their documents at key points.

Travelers who do not want to be tracked through this new tool can disconnect the Wi-Fi on their devices or provide your MAC address through (in doing so, the tracking system knows to ignore the direction in the future).

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