How and Why Tourists are Traveling Worldwide

How and Why Tourists are Traveling Worldwide

How and why Tourists are traveling worldwide, might be an interesting title for the travel lover and all of our curious minds might be looking for the answers of following questions

  • What are the main purpose of travel for a traveler?
  • What are the main motivations that drives a traveler to make his choice?
  • What are the modes of communication  and transportation of travelers worldwide?

We will be seeking for the answer of these questions in the following.

Transport modes and your purpose of visit for international travel are one of the vital issues that influence greatly of one’s travel experience.

A total of 1,087 million international tourists traveled the world last year, 5% more than the previous year. How and why? Two new infographics show the main modes of transport and purpose of travel.

Thus, 53% of international trips were made ​​by air ; by road 40% of tourists traveled; by ship they were recorded 5% of international arrivals; and only 2% traveled from one country to another by train.

modes of travel

The reason for visit, it appears that the vast majority of international tourist arrivals are included under the category of leisure and vacation, with 52% of trips recorded in 2013. The 14% of international travelers moves based on travel or business. 

Another segment heterogeneous occupies 27% market share for which tourists traveling are catagoriezed as following

  • To visit friends and relatives (VFR, “visiting friends and relatives”)
  • For religious reasons
  • Health treatments, etc 

Finally, 7% of travelers do not specify the reason for your trip in the surveys carried out by the different national tourist offices and collecting the WTO in its annual reports.

purpose of travel


if these data are compared to 2006, before the start of the global financial crisis, it shows that there have just been changes as regards the reasons for traveling. However, the share of work and business trips has dropped two points since then (from 16% to 14%). Instead, it is seen a clear increase in international arrivals by air, which have increased from 46% to 53% , coinciding with the growth of emerging markets issuers and the expansion of low cost airlines.


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