Hotels with Robots, Drones and 3D | Hotel Technology

Hotels with Robots, Drones and 3D | Hotel Technology

Drones that take you champagne to your room. Robot butlers who provide towels. 3D hologram presentation of impact … Learn the hotel technology that comes from Silicon Valley and what is already being done in Madrid.

The small hotel Casa Madrona , California in the pleasant town of Sausalito , go down in history of the hospitality industry by being the first in the world to use a drone (you know, these UAVs) in your room service. If the gadget is in the fashion spotlight from companies like Amazon and organizations like the CIA for missions of various kinds, Casa Madrona acquired a glamorous dimension worthy of a good sequence of James Bond.

Champagne in your room by drone………….

Guests staying at the Alexandrite Suite can make use of the service to ask them with champagne to your room. Whereas the suite costs $ 10,000 a night , futuristic experience seems reserved for non pockets too, but certainly no shortage of candidates to try given the large number of high-tech companies near the hotel installed in the call Bay Area of San Francisco .

Sky bubbles

The drone is approaching the suite.
It is no coincidence that the debut of these stewards shaped mechanical eight-legged octopus coming through the air occurs at the epicenter of global innovation, bringing together the headquarters of companies such as Google, Yahoo, Apple, Oracle, Intel or leading institutions like Stanford University. It is easy to imagine the smartest guys in Silicon Valley to impress their partners with bottles of champagne coming from heaven coming in the terrace suite with colleagues or celebrating the success of his last start-up .

The small hotel was founded in 1885 as a mansion of eleven rooms, you can rent the entire price of $ 25,000 the night, which also entitles the use of the em> I drone made expressly to carry three bottles of champagne .

The unique initiative, which emerged from a brainstorming ( brainstorming ) between the hotel staff to come up with new ways to attract customers with high purchasing power, has been so well received that is already underway making other drones capable of serve different amenities . The golden boys of the digital age are so young that is scheduled next drone serve the famous cookies or crackers.

The robot butler

The ‘borlt’ of Aloff chain.
Not far from Sausalito, on the hotel Aloft Cupertino , has just entered the first service ALO borlt history of hospitality. The borlt (neologism robotic butler or butler robot) was a very nice gesture and human in his first day of work: one was selfie naturally flew social networks.

ALO, with slight morphological resemblance to the famous R2-D2 Star Wars, it has been scheduled to help both the hotel staff and their guests. It is able to move independently around the hotel, call the lift and transport targets customers such as extra towels or mobile charger that usually remain forgotten. Instead of tipping accepts tweets to speak well of his job, another trait that resembles humans.

The city of Cupertino , about 50,000 inhabitants and not too many attractions, is known worldwide for hosting the headquarters of Apple. The brand Aloff , belonging to the giant Starwood hotels, and advances its position to attract the so-called Generation Y or Millennials , strongly tecnologizada that seems to settle Fi and waiting at the reception found with at least one Google pair of glasses.

The Cupertino Alof has a pilot project on Apple TV room and wait staff put in more robots will also enter service in other hotels in the chain. But it is not only in Silicon Valley where there are hotels that seem to have one foot in the future.

3D hologram

At the recent presentation of the new Collection NH Eurobuilding in Madrid, attendees checked surprised how 3D holograms were speaking from other countries and intervened in an act worthy of the Oscars ceremony.

To strengthen its business-oriented services and events, the hotel has become the first in the world to have this technology permanently, while offering its customers videoconferencing systems of last generation. Which has become the hotel high tech cutting edge of Spain also becomes “a field of technological tests and a living laboratory of the hotel industry” in the words of its leaders.

In addition to the spectacular 3D hologram impact for presentations and other telepresence systems remotely available to its customers, the hotel has four rooms Living Lab , where different companies and suppliers can test their latest products to satisfy fans the technology. Currently, these rooms feature furniture with inducing surfaces can charge batteries with no power iPhones and video systems to communicate with the reception.

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