Holidays for your senses

Holidays for your senses

Beach is a holiday destination for all. We know the fun, benefits and experiences that can be carried out in a beach destination area. Although the sea, sand and the rides are our only concern for us but in spite of these attractions there are lots more to discover in these fantastic places.

If we look a little higher we can find the Basque Coast , which is bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and covers all the coast between Bilbao  and Biarritz  . This place we fall in love with its beautiful landscapes, beaches magazine (as the Playa de Zarautz which has a length of 2,500 meters) or film cliffs.

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Visiting the Basque Coast is betting on the different, for adventure. You will not be sufficient to stay within its charming and welcoming hotels, nature will be calling you every second when you are there. On the beaches you find the diversity of the local people, where young and old enjoy their favorite activities, among which is surfing.

The vegetables and natural species of the area are one of the most diverse in the country and that we contemplate simply looking up. Walking through the villages or their shores will bring you a little closer to the beauty of life, and that’s where you’ll find out. You can plan trips in groups with a guide to explain and teach you everything that makes the place beautiful.

A destination for families and couples

The Basque Coast offers fun for the children in its parks, beaches and activities that are developed in both places, so you always be busy enjoying your holiday. Everything changes when you share funny moments with you friends and family.


Traveling on business is now looking to travel to remember the following years and in which we are both protagonists. 

Everyone appreciates the natural view, how pleasant it is, for making yourself disconnect from rest of the world for a week or more. Culture is also in every corner. Their villages are home to stay. We‘ve ever heard and seen people living there count and dealing with others, they make us feel at home.

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