Celebrate Valentine’s Day Special Trips| Romantic Destination to fall in Love

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Special Trips| Romantic Destination to fall in Love

Happy Valentines Day!!! 🙂

In the world there are two types of people: those who love Valentine’s and celebrate this Valentine’s Day with romantic dinners, trips with the couple and exchange Valentine’s Day gifts, or those who “hate” this tradition or having no partner. This year, from travelindream, we tell you some curiosities of this tradition and we want to propose a personalized travel route for both types of people.

– A route Valentine special for you, if you are someone who like to celebrate this day as a couple.

– A Valentine travel route for you, you think that there is nothing better than to celebrate special occasions with friends or with the person you love.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day: Origin and Background 

What do we know about this tradition? Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts ? There are several theories about the celebration of Valentine, on the one hand, some theorists say it comes from a tradition of Greek and Roman worship, on that day, the god of love, Eros and Cupid did something miracle. It is also stated that this date coincides with the beginning of the mating season of birds, and finally the Catholic tradition speaks of a martyr bishop, Valentine.

There are many hypotheses for the origin of Valentine’s celebration, the most “popular” is that in 270 AD the Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade young women to marry and fully devoted to the craft. However, many of them married secretly and being a priest named Valentine was the main hero behind the story who officiated the marriage. The emperor found out and ordered for his death sentence execution on 14 February 270 AD. In the moments before his execution, something miracle happened, that Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer and it miraculously regained her sight. Before Valentine to leave, left a note saying “your Valentine”, thus becoming a symbol of love.


If you want to discover how to celebrate Valentine traveling to the most romantic destinations, or just ideal destinations to travel and meet people, read on …

Valentine Special: profile types and destinations to love

February 14, the day of love, the perfect day to surprise your partner with a romantic trip!

Find out first, what kind of person you’re in love. what kind of person you are in love and what ideal destination would be your choice… Do you consider yourself hopeless romantic? or are you rather allergic to commitment? Find out at the last minute blog.

Valentine romantic destinations

Reserve a few minutes today and do a search on our flight or flight + hotel and prepares the best travel surprise for your partner this year! Here we suggest a list of the most romantic destinations in the world:

With www.travelindream.com  you get the ideal trip at the best price. Here are some examples:

Easter Island

It may be nothing more romantic to see the sunset near Lone Moai Hanga Roa. Visit dice hand Orongo and Rano Kau volcano or stroll along the beach Anakena and Ahu Nau Nau …


We recommend without hesitation solo trip to Venice, you can browse through more than 350 bridges in the city, observing buildings reflected in the water … do not miss the Piazza San Marco, houses of Burano … an idyllic town. ..

Honolulu, Hawaii

For Couples, we recommend as a destination Honolulu. There you can stroll through the Botanical Gardens Foster and sunbathing on stunning beaches.

happy valentines day

Destinations to travel alone and meet people

If you love traveling with friends or people who do not need a specific reason to auto regalarse a journey, because after all, the person you most want in your life is yourself, we offer a suitable destinations travel alone and even meet new people.


Bangkok is emerging as an excellent destination to go with friends but, however, what if  you want to embark on a solo adventure and, above all, as far as possible from your house, Bangkok is emerging as an ideal destination for your journey! You can discover yourself in incredible corners and as an added bonus, it is a very safe destination to travel alone. You can immerse yourself in China Town or visit the Marble Buddha Temple or Wat Pho.Take a boat ride on the Chao Phraya River, tour the markets as Chatuchak.


As a single you will enjoy a lot in Amsterdam. You should not miss the historic center, the Red Light District and Chinatown as they are the oldest parts of Amsterdam. In the center we recommend visiting the Dam Square, the Royal Palace, Oude Kerk Church.


Australia is an incredible land to make trip alone, and Melbourne is profiled as an ideal destination where you can lose yourself and unwind in the Maze Ashcombe, the Melbourne Park and Olympic Park. The Princess Theatre and Melbourne Concert Hall are two options indicated if you like theater. A little surfing or just a trip in Melbourne and for Australian beaches you can go to Middle Brighton and Brighton.

Discover many other destinations to travel alone we recommend from Travelindream

happy valentines day

Valentine’s Day Trips

Overcome the last ramps slope of January, it’s time to be a traveler with your partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For expected February 14 what better can be, than a weekend vacation, a good spa for a duet or a getaway for the Venice, Paris or Prague romance

If you are looking for your options to visit some of these European cities, you will find interesting offers to lead you to enjoy an extraordinary trip full of romance. Its exaggerated beauty, film, literature and music have risen to the city of canals as an essential destination for romance. They will also contribute pleasurable gondola rides, its bridges, its legends, palaces, Adrático red sunsets, or its charming cafes, restaurants or hotels glamor, make the whole set in a context worth enjoy for two. And why not; Paris is a City of Love. Also known as the city of light, where the kiss immortalized by photographer Robert Doisneau.

Paris: The City of Love

Parks, plazas, the same river Seine, the streets seem willingly deliberate to further sensitize the lovers. In your exclusive romantic getaway, besides the unquestionable views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Montmartre or the Sacre Coeur, you should not let pass overlook the beautiful bridge of Lovers, known as the Pont des Arts. It is customary to do very Parisian lunch as a picnic for enjoying the exceptional views from the Seine. And that day, you do not forget to leave a padlock with your initials and throw after the keys into the river as a symbol of love. 

And it is this aura of sensuality, it is also recommended to visit the Museum of Romanticism, at Chantal, to get into the atmosphere of the nineteenth century and lived Chopin, Sand, Liszt, Delacroix Dickens. And of course, it is also essential, in the evening, enjoy a leisurely boat cruise on the Seine river and those unforgettable sunsets Parisian sun. 


Prague : The Magical City 

But if Paris and Venice were already witnesses of your love, Prague is also one of those cities to stay in love for life with a bit of our heart. Try to walk at night with your partner by its famous Charles Bridge. Halfway up to the tour of the bridge and not let pass his hand over his representation in bronze, and very worn, said to bring luck and will “ensure” your return on a future occasion. And following the walk, on foot, Prague is a city for walking, very slowly to enjoy the surrounding. 

From Plaza Vieja, for example, where is the Astronomical Clock, the world’s most famous medieval clock. And also worthy of unhurried contemplation is the Powder Tower at the entrance of the Old City. As surprising is its St. Vitus Cathedral and the wonderful views that are contemplated from the Prague Castle, considered the largest medieval fortress in the world, and residence of the kings of Bohemia for many years. With these impressive views of Prague it is well expensive to think way back, but is also lucky that within next year there will be another Valentine.

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016

February 14 is the international day of love, Valentine. In this special date lovers prepare gifts, notes and surprises for their partners, even if you have no gift for yours, choose a destination, see the cheap flights  and the best way to celebrate the day!

You can use your best ideas to give a special gift to your partner, and if you’re not at your best time for your family reasons, atleast make a good trip for Valentine 2016. To think about a destination you can read our article on the most romantic destinations in the world. For those who do not have a partner, you can travel to one of the destinations to travel single with travelindream.

happy valentines day

Valentine Dates

2016 Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday

2017 Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday

2018 Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday

Ideas for Best Plans and trips with your Valentine

Planning your Valentine is not easy. At the end of the day, you know that everyone is trying to do something special with their partner, and you know, the next day, when your girl talks to her friends, will share their plans … And I do not want to have offered the worst plan!

Therefore, it is important that what you do on Valentine’s worthwhile. Then I’ll give you some plans that you have in mind:

Magic Tour: One of the plans that work best in Valentine, is to attend an excursion worthwhile. Of course, fate depends on the tastes of the couple, but the important thing is to make a getaway that serves to do something different from what you are used to.

Hotel night: In the event that both work and act may not be the best option to take a trip or a getaway, because that can be difficult for both to be one hundred percent alright for the next day in work. In that case, it will always be a tempting option to spend some money on a hotel night to remember.

Boat trip: I do not know why they have boats, but they make us feel good. I suppose I’d be in another way which is not usual. If you live where there is a river or a pond, it is a good idea to take a boat ride or boat. A plan which is not usual, but it is too expensive.

Enjoy the sun:On a day that has become fever consumption, such as Valentine’s, maybe the best way to surprise your partner which is completely free. Why not to go in some quiet places away from the city to enjoy a sunset? There are few things more beautiful in the world!

Spa: And of course, for those who want to get the most out of Valentine, the best option will always be a spa. Spending the day enjoying the relaxation for couple lovers is one of the most seductive plans for both him and her.

valentine love

You see that I have tried to present plans that may be useful for any person. Perhaps you may not allow for a spa, but everyone can afford to enjoy the sunset. Perhaps no where to go on a boat where you live, but there is always somewhere to take a trip.

What is important in the Valentine’s, is to do something different and special, and above all, make your partner feel unique. And for the latter, we’ll give you some tips in the next section.

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