Were you happy during your flight ???

Were you happy during your flight ???

Introducing the traveling happiness index, ie, the degree of joy that is experienced in the clouds or, to be more precise, on board an airplane. Because beyond the price and time, new factors begin to weigh when choosing the company to take us through the air.

A website helps you to opt for your ideal flight: that above all makes you happier.

Knees embedded in the front seat, back stiff as a board without the slightest resting, no refreshments or snacks frugal, dead hours without music, movies or games to cushion boredom. Let’s face it: sometimes flying becomes an odyssey. And although everything passes, along the way, do not you think I would have paid more for a more enjoyable … and ultimately happier more comfortable journey?

British web Routehappy.com has of course. So he has developed the traveling happiness index , which measures customer satisfaction based on those happy moments that housed during your trip. An index in influencing, for example, the spaciousness of the seats, the quality of the menu, the entertainment proposals or access to wifi, despite starting factors, even more than the price and time in the decision purchase a ticket with either company. And the happiness we know, lies in the little things …

Comfortable and fun flights : The wifi, vital for many

Through a search engine, Routehappy helps select, not the cheapest flight but perhaps more comfortable or more options available to liven up the long drive. Aware that not all airlines offer identical services, it has created a database in which are cataloged according to their plus offers the air.

In addition, users can also add their score through a mobile app. Everything can be measured: from the preservation of the carpet to the availability of outlets in the seats, to other more subjective factors such as the friendliness of the crew or proficiency in foreign languages.

Does it generate air travel growing dissatisfaction? Apparently yes, according to a survey last year by the travel portal TripAdvisor : nearly half of respondents felt that this experience, in general, has not improved “nothing at all” compared with five years ago. If travelers are increasingly clear about their preferences when it comes to travel, they also know very well what it is that bothers them most: 80 percent complained of “limited legroom.”

Annoying children

Children? No thanks. Others, however, attribute major inconvenience to the attitude of the passengers. Here’s this curious fact: the least holds the majority are “parents who do not control their children , those children who get kicks from the back seat. ” So much so that even 20 percent! “I pay more for a flight without minor”, according to that survey.

It is not known if the traveling happiness index will become a determining factor in the airline industry tourism. By the way, many companies have embarked on improvements for maximum comfort in the clouds.

For example Turkish Airlines -elegida certainly the best airline in Europe in 2011, 2012 and 2013– provides collection Sleeping Sky Illusion for their flights in business class: a kit that includes cotton slippers, a blanket and a duvet satin and paths ergonomic pillow for the head and waist, with sleeping at home … or even better.

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