Say Good Bye to jet lag

 Say Good Bye to jet lag: Is the definitive method against jet lag?

There is a new antidote to jet lag surely you’ve never heard of. It is a device the size of a smart phone can update your internal clock in record time. Do you think so?

It is studied. It took to recover from jet lag one day for every time zone time we’ve smoked flying in an airplane. It is what explains that a trip to Asia ravage our internal clock causing, as you know, fatigue, mood swings, insomnia … to begin demolishing all the holiday or, worse, a business trip.

So when the football team last fell the Jets when traveled to London for a game and, incidentally, to teach Europeans that is the NFL , they took no chances. Along with all his bulky gear, each player took on suitcase curious Litebook Edge.

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The full kit : Say Good Bye to jet lag

This contraption is called to replace those remedies pharmacy or drugstore that many travelers have had. It is one hundred percent natural, a device that is used as light therapy for various conditions and it basically helps your body adapt to the new schedule to deliver bright rays that emulate the sun. The Litebook Edge is able to adjust our internal clock six time zones in one day . Moreover, the manufacturer, a company founded by Canadian Larry Pedersen says LED technology improves mood and as a fellow traveler, just with the drowsiness caused by the jet lag.

Chutes light : Say Good Bye to jet lag

The Litebook operation is very simple. To begin we must get travel details in the calculator jet lag so you generate a plan, telling you when to be exposed to lightning or when to avoid light, well keeping you in the dark, either by putting the glasses that come in the kit. These orange glasses block the blue light, including that which comes from your phone, tablet or laptop which also slows the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Say Good Bye to jet lag

For the traveler, the advantage of this device over other similar is their size, and that fits in a pocket. It is much like any smart phone in the market. To get your body read, Litebook advised to use the light in your destination in the morning if you’ve traveled east, and in the evening if you travel west. The exhibition should last between half an hour and an hour the first day of travel, and between 15 and 30 minutes the second. The device costs $ 179, about 165 euros.

The Jets followed the instructions of your sleep therapist, although they were very much in this line. Players were exposed to Litebook Edge a while before the sun came up in his short stay in London. It seemed to work, since they beat his opponent, the Miami Dolphins 27-14.

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