Five Tools For A Successful Holiday

Five Tools For A Successful Holiday

With these free applications and social networks you can plan and enjoy your trip.

A detail on tourist guides and services can be accessed or downloaded from your computer, tablet or smartphone by these following travel tools and applications.

The time of year where colleges and universities make a pause in their academic activities are coming to this dawn, partial exams and run out to welcome them to the mid-year vacation. If you are planning to spend a relaxing time with your family, think that technology can be your best ally.

So Techno sphere compiled the best social networks and applications to help you enjoy and save money that deserves thanks to the recommendations of other travelers. These tools are available in versions for PC, as well as for mobile devices. In addition, they are free and can be used at home and elsewhere in the world.

Advisor: Choose Destinations

TripAdvisor is one of the most comprehensive in its field services. It has a large database with useful information for travelers. You may find hotels, restaurants, attractions and beaches, both national and international. Additionally, it offers the possibility of linking Facebook accounts to know the opinions, suggestions and criticisms of our closest contacts. Access to the service:

Maps.Me : Navigate Offline

The most common problem during a trip is running out of internet coverage. To avoid this, there are applications that can download maps Maps.Me to browse, search, and get directions from anywhere without being connected to the network. In addition, you can perform all the searches that are needed before undertaking a route and save all the places you plan to visit in the application .

Foursquare: Opinion and Recommended

This tool is perfect for those who like to follow the comments left by other users about restaurants, shops, malls and other places of a specific city. Foursquare will quit any questions before you visit a site. You can see whether you can pay by credit card if it is expensive or cheap, or if it’s cold or heat. Additionally, you may recommend, criticize and give advice to others.

TouristEye: The Digital Diary

This service will allow you to organize your travel, find both domestic and international destinations and exchange tips. You can indicate where you want to visit based on date, this tool will recommend the best tourist sites, hotels and restaurants. It also allows synchronizing for finding friends on Facebook and Twitter. TouristEye is a web service, but is also available for download on iOS and Android. Travel the Country

This tool allows you to find destinations in Colombia according to user preferences. You can choose between cultural, natural, religious activities, among others. You have the ability to schedule dates, and also find hotels, restaurants and attend fairs and festivals. You can even rate their trips to enhance the experience of others. It also allows searching tickets for domestic flights.

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