Five tips to consider while Traveling Abroad

Five tips to consider while Traveling Abroad

With the aim of providing a basic recommendations on what to do before traveling abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of many countries where launches its information campaign ‘Travel Insurance’, a campaign that has been launched this year and is aimed at the millions of “Travelers” who go abroad at this time.

1. Tips to consider

Check the travel recommendations of the country where you go to travel, to be aware of the conditions of safety you should be carrying all the necessary documents to travel, the local legislation, sanitation, immunizations needed, etc. This information can be accessed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the section

2. Tips for traveling abroad’

Sign up for the registered traveler, also through the website of the Foreign Ministry – to be located outside of the home country if that happens emergency in the country of destination.

3. Hire a medical and travel insurance

The costs of hospitalization or medical treatment in many countries must be made by the patient and can become very high. The Ministry recommends insuring that has full coverage in case of illness or accident, including evacuation by air ambulance.

4. Prepare the necessary documentation

ID card, passport, visa … In the ‘Travel tips’ you will have detailed information about type of documentation that you need in each country, since to ‘move’ within Europe is only necessary to take the DNI in force.

5. Take sufficient means of payment

The travelindream recommends that enough money is carried to cope with unforeseen circumstances. What ideal? Take a combination of cash, checks and travel credit cards.

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