First Hotel Run by Robots Opens in Japan!

First Hotel Run by Robots Opens in Japan!

Japan has emerged as the pioneer in electronics and robotics industry and as said in HOSTELTUR  tourism news, Japan would also be the first country to open a hotel run by robots. Japan has just opened the Henn-na Hotel, an establishment located in Nagasaki and staffed entirely by robots, some of which are shaped like dinosaurs.

“From the receptionist who receives and dismisses the customers by the buttons, Hotel Henn-na (Quirky or Strange Hotel translated into Spanish) is composed of robots to save operating costs and workforce, to give a more personalized service and offer rooms at a set of lower prices.” said its director, Hideo Sawada.

Its price is less than 67 euros per night only.

The primary objective of this business is the optimization of the technology and the highlight of the latest advances in artificial intelligence to demonstrate their commercial utility in a more efficient corporate sector and not-too-distant future.

In the hotel in Nagasaki, there are receptionist robots who speak English and there are also robots who have appearances of dinosaurs and humanoid robots, which in turn speak in Japanese.  “If you want to register, press the one,” says the dinosaur robot. The customer presses a button on the counter and record information on a screen.

The approximate price of a room in the Henn-na amounts to 9,000 yen per night (about 67 euros to change). It is really a precious set for a country like Japan, where some of the finest hotels can cost easily two or three times because of the per capita income of its inhabitants.

robot hotel in japan

Located in Nagasaki, the hotel boasts robot receptionists who speak English.

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