Eight Destinations to Fall in Love and Bind Together!

Eight Destinations to Fall in Love and Bind Together!

Some destinations have their own special appeal for attracting travelers. This article will tell you about eight destinations where you can not but fall in love and bind together with your desired partner as most of the people find their love in their favourite destination.

Caribbean is the more open city in Madrid which is preferred by ‘singles’. It is the most favorable place for a night of summer love. If we think of going on a holiday with family, we simply want a hotel that has activities for children. If we be a couple, we may seek a more romantic destination. However, all the hotels are not equally favorable because there are several factors which influence in this regard. The factors include:

  •  a town being small where everyone knows each other;
  •  a large city where anonymity leads to increased disinhibition;
  •  open or closed character of its inhabitants;
  •  the type of entertainment offered by the area and
  •  the desire to have fun;

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Clues that may give us an idea if one of those magical summer nights end up with such special memories. Control brand condoms surveyed 2,000 young people about their view on several areas of the Spanish cities where they are bound to. The answers are almost similar from the comments and investigating topics that can be found in forums and social networks.

Eight destinations to fall in love and bind together

01 Madrid

It is one of the mostly valued and accepted cities for fleeting love on summer nights. It is termed as “The capital of love”. According to the survey, 39% of young people chose Madrid as the site of Spain’s prone to sporadic flirting. The figure is increasing gradually. Analyzing only the opinion of the Madrid respondents, 72% of them voted for their own city.

02 Barcelona

The second Spanish city in this ranking was Barcelona. 29.3% of respondents voted for it. It meets many of the requirements that favor these nocturnal city to capture the mind of the large population. Many people pass their leisure by enjoying sweet sunshine.

03 Ibiza

Beyond this survey, Ibiza is famous for nightlife and numerous variety of clubs. It is one of the favorite places where the singles desire, especially for those who are between 20 and 30 years of age. Tania, 28, says: “The first time I went with my friends to Ibiza and then I went with my boyfriend on the second trip. At the end of the trip I realized that, I met my current partner”.

04 Valencia

Both the city and the province of Valencia are the favorite destinations among young Spaniards for their summer holidays. Especially the prices of staying, and more importantly the transportation (is well connected by bus) are affordable; also it has a wide array of nightlife. In addition, Gandia is one of the fashionable cities for singles which is 70 kilometers away from the city of Valencia. Soraya (21 years) says: “Gandia is the place where most summer stories have lived, because it is the destination I have gone more with my friends.

05 Salamanca

It may not be the ideal place for a summer cruising city but it is free at any other time of the year, especially for people in their 20s. For possessing various university, it is termed as the university city. Not everyone is going to Salamanca to get (only) the frog but for the hope of meeting new people multiply.

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06 Love the Way

Basically it focuses on ages other than youth and provides some type of distinguished entertainment. It is said that the Camino de Santiago arise not only for great friendships, but also for great love stories. There is no coincidence that, Fernando Tejero and Malena Alterio chose the pilgrim route to place of choice for the fun filled romantic comedy Spanish film at the end of the road.

07 Traveling Caribbean

If anyone consults on major travel sites, he should not be surprised to discover that there is a preference for the Caribbean among the singles. They offer several packages for single travelers in Cuba , Dominican Republic or Riviera Maya . This is the location where heat and humidity seem to fall even with the desire to cuddle.

08 Brazil

If the Caribbean is considered as too trite, the new ultimate destination for a trip is Brazil . It mixes adventure, exoticism and possibilities of meeting new people. Of course, after making a tour in Brazil, one must be aware as far as concerned about their physical structure and the possibility of awareness is quite high. “When I went Brazil, not only I noticed how attractive they were, but also felt pity that I did not have a body so I could work as many” jokes Ruben (32 years). “If I return, I will prepare myself at the gym beforehand.”

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